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Strong ________ skills are necessary for job placement, performance, career advancement, and organizational success.


Which statement about writing skills in today’s workplace is most accurate?

Writing skills are more important today than ever.

The first step in the three-step plan for effective problem solving involves ________ .

identifying the challenge or issue and gathering information

Which statement about employees in today’s workplace is most accurate?

Employees must be wary of their online presence and manage and guard their reputations.

In a tough employment market, job seekers need to meet the employer’s expectations for skills and attributes. Which of the following skill sets is most demanded by employers?

Written and oral communication

Which of the following is not a trend in today’s workplace?

Reduced global competition

What is one reason today’s companies use communication technologies?

To collect information

Telecommuting employees now represent ________ percent of the workforce, and this number increases annually.


Which of the following is not a function of most business communications?

To entertain

When internal communication must be written, you will probably use ________ .


Which communication channel represents the richest communication medium and also produces the highest degree of probable communication effectiveness?

Face-to-face conversation

Which of the following is an example of downward communication?

A supervisor sends a memo to all division employees detailing the newest procedure for submitting expense account reports.

The six goals of ethical business communicators are ________ , telling the truth, labeling opinions, being objective, communicating clearly, using inclusive language, and giving credit.

abiding by the law

When individuals justify their unethical behavior by comparing themselves to the worse behavior of others, they are displaying what kind of ethical trap?

Doctrine-of-Relative-Filth Trap

Before responding to an ethical dilemma, you should ask yourself (a) whether the action you are considering is legal, (b) how you would look at the problem if you were on the opposite side, (c) whether you can think of alternate solutions, (d) how you would feel if your friends and family learned of your action, and (e) whether ________ .

a trusted advisor would agree

We are all born with the abilities to read, listen, and write effectively.


To be competitive in today’s business environment, employees must have strong communication skills.


The 21st-century economy depends mainly on information and knowledge.


In today’s marketplace only large companies find themselves competing in global markets.


In response to intense global competition, businesses have been cutting costs and flattening management hierarchies.


Business communicators are moving from one-sided, slower forms of communication channels such as memos and letters to more interactive, instant, less paper-based communication such as e-mail, instant messaging (IM), texting, and social media.


Information flowing upward generally moves from decision makers, including the CEO and managers, through the chain of command to workers.


Effective managers ignore the information generated and passed within a company’s grapevine of communication.


Ethics refers to conventional standards of right and wrong that prescribe what people should do.


Effective business communicators should always give credit to the ideas of others.


During her job interview, Jasmine should try to convince the employer of her potential, learn about the job and the company, and ________ .

expand on the information in her résumé

Which is the most common type of interview?


A ________ interview is usually conducted by a people who will be the job candidate’s supervisors or colleagues.


To make a positive first impression during your first phone conversation with a potential employer, what tip should you practice?

Have a copy of your résumé near the phone.

Prior to a job interview, you should develop success stories that demonstrate all of the following except ________ .

admitting your weaknesses

To manage your online presence, which of the following tips should you practice?

Remove any incriminating, provocative, or distasteful photos, content, or links.

To send positive nonverbal messages and to act professionally during an interview, which suggestion should you follow?

Avoid chewing gum.

One of the first questions you may be asked in an interview is "Tell me about yourself." What is the best advice for answering this question?

Relate educational, professional, or business-related strengths.

Which of the following is an example of a behavioral interview question?

Describe a time when you worked effectively as part of a team

Which of the following interview questions is illegal and inappropriate?

Do you have any children?

When writing an interview thank-you message, what is the best advice to follow?

Reference the interview date, the precise job title, and the specific topics discussed in the interview.

When you must contact your references following an interview, what advice should you follow?

Write an e-mail or letter informing your reference about the position, its requirements, and the recommendation deadline.

When completing an application form, you should be prepared to explain the reasons for leaving previous positions. Avoid words or phrases such as ________ .


When writing an application or résumé follow-up message, you should open the message by ________ .

reminding the reader of your interes

When turning down a job offer, show your professionalism by ________ .

thanking the employer for the job offer

The job interview is a one-way street. You are being judged by the employer.


Because a screening interview is typically short, you need not worry about selling your qualifications.


You should research the target company after you have been offered the position.


You can expect to be nervous during an interview.


During an interview reveal two to three of your weaknesses to make yourself look human.


When responding to behavioral interview questions, you should briefly explain the situation and describe the problem or task, your action, and its results.


When asked whether you have any questions, the worst thing you can do is say "No."


Follow-up letters are most effective if sent immediately after the interview.


When completing a job application form, leave blank the sections that don’t apply to you.


Although you will likely discuss your resignation in person with your supervisor, it is a good idea to document your resignation by writing a formal letter.


Which of the following is the best example of a soft skill?

Following proper business etiquette when speaking with a customer

Which of the following is not a reason why companies rely on teams to conduct business?

Increased market shares

Which statement about teams is most accurate?

Poorly functioning teams avoid conflict.

A meeting should be called only if the topic is important, the topic requires an exchange of ideas, and ________ .

the topic can’t wait

Saving travel costs and ________ are significant reasons for virtual meetings displacing business travel.

reducing employee fatigue

________ allows collaborators to access an online virtual meeting room where they can present PowerPoint slides, share files, demonstrate products, and interact with participants in real time.

Web conferencing

Most people listen at ________ percent efficiency.


When listening to your superior on the job, ________ .

show interest by leaning forward and striving for good eye contact

To improve your listening efficiency, you should ________ .

paraphrase a speaker’s message

Which statement about nonverbal communication is most accurate?

Effective communicators make certain that their nonverbal messages reinforce their spoken words and their goals.

Social interaction involves four space zones. The category of distance that defines the social zone is ________ .

4 to 12 feet

Coua has just started a new job. To ensure that she sends positive nonverbal signals in the workplace, Coua should do all of the following except ________ .

stare at others when she is communicating with them to demonstrate her attentiveness and respect

When using technology to communicate with others in the workplace, how can you demonstrate professionalism?

Turn off your phone and message notification during meetings.

To be a professional employee, you should ________ .

be selective in sharing personal information

Which statement about professionalism on the job is most accurate?

By projecting and maintaining a professional image, you will more likely to be taken seriously and to be promoted.

All teams, at some point, reach the final phase of team development: performing.


Decisions by majority generally produce the most team commitment.


At least two hours in advance of a meeting, you should distribute an agenda that includes the date and place of the meeting, the start time and end time, and a brief description of each topic.


More and more companies are using virtual meetings to conduct business in today’s workplace.


Because Joseph has trouble hearing the keynote speaker, he changes seats to increase his mental focus on the speaker. The powerful listening skill Joseph is using is controlling external and internal distractions.


Discriminative listening involves judging and evaluating what you are hearing.


The meanings for nonverbal messages are the same in all cultures.


The appearance of a letter, memo, e-mail, or report can have either a positive or a negative effect on a receiver.


As workloads increase and face-to-face meetings decline, bad manners and incivility are becoming alarmingly common in the American workplace.


When sending e-mails in the workplace, employees should send messages void of any punctuation or capitalization to save time.


Which of the following statements about the global business economy is most accurate?

To be competitive, many businesses have formed multinational alliances.

Which of the following is not a factor influencing today’s business globalization?

Increased profits in domestic markets

Which of the following sentences about culture is inaccurate?

Culture is shaped by attitudes learned in adulthood.

Which country represents a high-context culture?


Communicators in low-context cultures ________ .

tend to value individualism

Melinda’s organization has expanded into an Arab country, and Melinda expects her Arab colleagues will appreciate her work style: she doesn’t waste time on coffee or social rituals before beginning the business portion of the meeting. Melinda’s misconception is the result of ________ .


To improve tolerance, you will want to ________ .

Show empathy

Which statement about the use of social media and its relationship to intercultural communication is most accurate?

Social media offers a rich opportunity for intercultural engagement.

Jeff will be traveling to Mexico on business and wants to be able to communicate effectively with his Hispanic counterparts. He already knows that they speak English as a second language, but he’s not sure at what level. Which of the following is the best advice for Jeff?

Ask probing questions, and encourage the listener to paraphrase what has been said.

In written communications with businesspeople in other cultures, it’s wise to adopt local formats, use short sentences, and ________ .

include relative pronouns such as that, which, and who for clarity in introducing clauses

As his company globalizes its business, Jordan faces cultural challenges related to differing ethical standards. To make ethical decisions across borders, Jordan should become more sensitive to the values and customs of other countries, find alternatives to government payoffs, and ________ .

embrace transparency and conduct all negotiations as openly as possible

Select the most accurate statement.

Most industrialized countries, including the United States, have formally agreed to a ban on the practice of bribery of foreign government officials

The future U.S. workforce is expected to ________ .

include more African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities

Which of the following statements about workplace diversity is inaccurate?

Companies embracing diversity will automatically enjoy harmonious work environments.

To improve communication among diverse workplaces, companies and individuals should ________ .

look for common ground in shared experiences, mutual goals, and similar values

To succeed in today’s interdependent global world, companies must adapt to other cultures.


The most significant factor affecting globalization is the development of information and communication technologies.


Culture can be defined as the "complex system of values, traits, morals, and customs shared by a society."


Almost every culture understands the value of time, correlating it with productivity, efficiency, and money.


Ethnocentrism, which involves the belief that one’s own race is superior to others, is a natural belief inherent in all cultures.


Prejudice can be defined as "an oversimplified behavioral pattern applied uncritically to groups."


Learning the nonverbal skills of another culture is much more difficult than learning its verbal skills.


The United States has taken the global lead in fighting corruption in business.


A diverse staff is better able to read trends and respond to the increasingly diverse customer base in local and world markets.


Because diversity is always a positive force within organizations, companies can increase their diversity without fear of negative impacts.


According to your text, communication can be defined as "the transmission of ________ from one individual or group to another."

information and meaning

The process of communication begins when ________ .

the sender has an idea

________ is a communication barrier that occurs when individuals associate different meanings to words.


Which of the following statements about business writing is most accurate?

Business writing should be focused on the audience.

Following the process 3-x-3 writing process helps a writer because it ________ .

takes the guesswork out of writing, making it easy to plan, organize, and complete any message

In what phase of the writing process should you spend the most time?


The primary purposes for sending business messages are ________ .

to inform and to persuade

Mark is planning a business message. He is deciding what kind of language is appropriate, what depth of explanation is needed, and whether his tone should be formal or informal. What prewriting task is Mark completing?

Responding to the audience profile

Marcee must evaluate each of her employees yearly. What communication channel should she use to convey the results of her evaluation?

Face-to-face conversation

When developing audience benefits, you will adapt your message to the receiver’s needs by putting yourself in that person’s shoes. This process is called ________ .


Which of the following sentences is most effective?

We are happy to offer you in-store credit for the full value of any merchandise returned with a copy of the sales receipt.

Which of the following sentences avoids bias?

Hundreds of sales representatives are expected to attend the convention.

Collaboration on team-written documents may be necessary for projects that are big, have short deadlines, and ________ .

require the expertise or consensus of many people

Which of the following represents a benefit of team-written documents?

Working together helps members learn more about the organization’s values and procedures.

One of the most frustrating tasks for teams is writing shared documents, but online collaboration tools now help. Which tool ensures immediate availability of information, allows members to clear up minor matters immediately, and is helpful in initiating a quick group discussion?

Instant messaging

Encoding involves translating a message from its symbol form into meaning.


One of the best techniques a receiver can use to improve understanding is to paraphrase a speaker’s message.


The first phase of the writing process involves writing a rough draft of your message.


The writing process must follow this order: prewriting, drafting, and revising.


Before you compose a message, ask yourself "Why am I sending this message?" and "What do I hope to achieve?"


When selecting which communication channel to send a message, you should base your decision on only the cost of the channel.


Business messages are most effective when they convey an informal, conversational tone instead of a formal tone.


Jargon should be avoided in all business messages.


With big writing projects, team members may function independently in some phases of the writing process.


Teams that are working on a written document should probably avoid software tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs because the complexity of the software may frustrate members and will probably cause group failure.


In the planning stage of the writing process, business writers collect research. Which question should a business writer ask when collecting research?

What does the receiver need to know about this topic?

Informal research methods may include talking with your boss, interviewing the target audience, conducting an informal survey, and ________ .

searching company files

Daniel has been asked to learn what features his customers consider most important when purchasing a car. Probably, the best research method for Daniel is ________ .

investigating primary sources

When brainstorming to generate ideas, a group should ________ .

require every participant to contribute ideas

Jane’s plan for a business message begins with the main idea, followed by the details, explanation, and evidence. Jane is using the ________ .

direct organizational pattern

The indirect strategy works best when delivering these three types of messages: bad news, persuasive messages, and ________ .

sensitive information

Which sentence type contains an independent clause and a dependent clause?


Which of the following is an example of a comma splice?

Hallie submitted her résumé online, she hoped to receive a response from the employer by the end of the week.

Business writers should try to write sentences that average ________ words.


Which of the following sentences uses a stylistic device to emphasize the important idea?

Create an attractive design for your résumé more importantly, present your skills and qualifications clearly.

Which of the following sentences contains an active-voice verb?

Carmen processed the résumés after the application deadline.

Which of the following sentences demonstrates parallelism?

Our regional sales staff will meet in Los Angeles on February 1, in Pittsburgh on August 15, and in Kansas City on December 1.

Micah is writing a proposal and wants to write powerful paragraphs. To ensure his paragraphs are powerful, how many ideas should he cover per paragraph?


Paragraphs arranged in the direct strategy ________ .

begin with the topic sentence, followed by supporting sentences

Which technique will build paragraph coherence?

Dovetailing ideas

Because researching can be a time-consuming process, business writers should avoid researching and spend more time organizing and writing their messages.


Long reports and complex business problems generally require formal research methods.


Many communication experts regard poor organization as the greatest failing of business writers.


When you expect the audience to be uninterested, unwilling, displeased, or hostile, the direct strategy is more appropriate.


Since you have prepared thoroughly for the job interview and have the necessary college education is an example of an effective sentence.


When a writer joins two independent clauses without any conjunctions or punctuation, the result is a run-on or fused sentence, which can be corrected by merely adding a comma.


Business communicators should avoid the use of all underscoring, italicizing, or boldfacing in their messages.


Lying in her briefcase, Pa found her iPhone is a well-written sentence.


A topic sentence should reveal the main idea of a paragraph.


Words and phrases such as accordingly, as a result, and consequently are transitional expressions that contradict previous ideas.


The final phase of the 3-x-3 writing process involves editing, proofreading, and ________ .

evaluating the message

Which of the following sentences demonstrates effective, concise style?

Generally, organizations now have policies to encourage ethical conduct.

In today’s technological world, business writers must know how to microblog effectively. Microblogging involves ________ .

exchanging short messages on social media networks

The sentence Please do not hesitate to call me could be revised for clarity by eliminating a(n) ________ .

trite business expression

As a business writer, you must make your messages clear. One way to achieve clarity is to apply the KISS formula, which stands for ________ .

Keep It Short and Simple

When challenged by the competition, a smart salesperson can shoot from the hip and make a bundle even in a tight market contains ________ .


To enhance the readability of your document, use a margin that aligns lines ________ .

only at the left

Brenda has written her résumé and has included a bulleted list of her qualifications. Which of the following items within her bulleted list does not demonstrate parallel structure?

Daily customer service

Headings can be an effective tool to highlight information, improve readability, and ________ .

preview or review important ideas

When proofreading a document, you will check all of the following for errors except ________ .


When proofreading complex documents, ________ .

be prepared to find errors

Which of the following statements is inaccurate?

Proofread a printed copy of a long, complex document once to catch all errors.

Many of us struggle with proofreading our own writing because we ________ .

tend to see what we expect to see

What is the best way to judge the success of your communication?

Via feedback from the receiver

Which is a question most likely to be asked in the evaluation phase of revision?

Will my message achieve its purpose?

Concise messages save reading time.


The following is an example of effective business writing: We hire managers who meet our necessary prerequisites and can direct workers who lack motivation.


Paradigm shift, leveraging, and value-added services are examples of slang.


To make your business messages meaningful and current, include popular words or expressions such as "blowing the budget" and "getting burned."


Empty space on a page is called white space


Numbered or bulleted lists increase reader comprehension.


Do not capitalize the initial word of each line in a bulleted or numbered list.


Proofreading before a document is completed is likely to be a waste of time.


Chandler has just completed writing a long company report. He should set it aside for at least a day before proofreading it.


Evaluating your document helps you determine how successful your message will be.


An e-mail message would appropriate for all of the following situations except ________ .

as a substitute for face-to-face conversations or phone calls

Which of these is the most effective closing for an e-mail message?

So that we may meet our project deadline date, please provide answers to these questions by March 18.

When replying to an e-mail, what tip should you follow?

Begin your response with the main idea.

Memos are necessary for internal communications that are long, demand formality, inform employees who may not have access to e-mail, and ________ .

require a permanent record

Which of the following subject lines would be most effective for an e-mail or memo?

FYI–PhotoShop Training, May 15

Although instant messaging and texting can save time and simplify communication with customers and coworkers, employees should ________ before using either of these on the job.

check their employers’ policies to ensure they have permission

Which of the following is good advice when sending texts or instant messages on the job?

Use good grammar and proper spelling.

Businesses have embraced podcasting for sending audio and video messages that ________ .

do not require a live presence yet provide a friendly human face

A Web-based tool that enables multiple users to collaboratively create, post, edit, and access information is a ________ .


A blog is a(n) ________ .

website with journal entries on any imaginable topic usually written by one person

Businesses use blogs to keep customers and employees informed and to interact with them. What is the biggest advantage of business blogs?

They potentially reach a far-flung, vast audience.

What is the best advice for blogging?

Identify your audience and tailor your message to your audience.

Which of the following statements about social networking is inaccurate?

Social networks provide no liabilities for businesses.

Which of the following is the best tip for employees who use social networking sites?

Establish boundaries, and don’t share information online that you would not be comfortable sharing openly in the office.

Many companies now use RSS (Really Simply Syndication) to ________ .

keep informed of breaking news

A complimentary closing such as Cheers or All the best is optional in the closing of an e-mail message, but providing your name is mandatory.


When responding to an e-mail message, insert your responses to parts of the incoming message using a different font or color or your initials.


Unlike e-mail, instant and text messaging are not subject to discovery and may not be used in lawsuits.


Do not use texting or instant messaging at work to notify others of sad news, sensitive business matters, or urgent meetings.


Like Twitter, podcasts, blogs, and wikis are part of the new user-centered virtual environment called Web 2.0.


Wikis can be used to collect and disseminate information to large audiences to create a database for knowledge management, to generate feedback from employees, to facilitate project management, and to share information between corporate headquarters and satellite offices.


Although businesses use blogs to keep employees in remote locations in touch with others in the organization, they haven’t yet found ways to use blogs for public relations, customer relations, crisis management, or market research.


"Blogrolling" means that you respond to other bloggers’ postings and avoid rude or unprofessional messages.


Recruiters now routinely check applicants’ online presence in the screening process.


To demonstrate professionalism, you should avoid sending personal e-mails, instant messages, or texts from work.


Before beginning a message, you should ask yourself these questions: Do I really need to write this message? Why am I writing? How will the reader react? What channel should I use? and ________

How can I save my reader’s time?

Mark just got off the phone with a client and wants a permanent record of the conversation. To create a record of their conversation, Mark should prepare a(n) ________ and send it to his client.


In Phase ________ of the writing process, you will conduct research, organize information, and compose the first draft.


Natalia is writing the opening for a business message that is making a routine request. She believes her request will be received positively; therefore, she should begin with __________.

the main idea

Choose the best closing for a routine request message that asks the receiver to complete a survey.

Thanks for returning your completed survey before October 15 when we will start compiling the results.

Choose the best opening for a response to a routine request e-mail.

I would be willing to speak at your meeting on February 1.

What is the best advice to follow when responding to customers online?

Respond in a friendly, upbeat, yet professional tone.

Instruction messages will be most readable if you divide the instructions into steps, list the steps in the order in which they are to be performed, arrange the items vertically with numbers, and ________ .

begin each step with an action verb using the imperative mood

Which of the following is the most effective closing for a message issuing instructions?

Following this new process will ensure less down time on the production line, which will help you achieve your production goals.

Which of the following is the best opening for a routine claim letter?

Please send a contractor to repaint our office conference room.

What is the best advice to follow when writing an online review or complaint?

Keep your review or complaint clean, polite, and succinct.

Which of the following is not a goal in writing adjustment letters?

To encourage future correspondence with the customer

Which of the following is the best opening for an adjustment letter?

Enclosed is a check for $35 as reimbursement for the two broken espresso cups you received.

What is the best advice to follow when writing adjustment messages?

Avoid the use of negative words

Goodwill messages should ________ .

include specific incidents or characteristics of the receiver

Most messages in the workplace are positive or neutral.


The final step in Phase 3 of the 3-x-3 writing process is proofreading the product.


When writing a direct response letter, the first sentence should explain who you are and why you are responding.


The following step is an effective statement for the body of an instruction message: Your signed contract should be returned in the enclosed, preaddressed envelope.


Claim letters are taken more seriously than telephone calls or e-mails.


In the body of a claim letter, explain the problem and justify your request.


Jorge is writing an adjustment letter granting the customer’s claim request; Jorge should use the indirect strategy to deliver this message.


The following sentences would be appropriate in the closing of an adjustment letter: Your description of your experience with the software is appreciated


Goodwill messages should be written as quickly as possible after the event being recognized.


When saying thank-you to an individual, use a ready-made card rather than writing a letter because letters are viewed as more formal.


Receivers of bad news are less disappointed if they know the reason for the rejection, feel the news was revealed sensitively, and believe the ________ .

matter was treated seriously and fairly

Which of the following is not a goal in conveying negative news?

Emphasizing that your company does not make errors

When conveying negative news, you can minimize potential legal issues by avoiding abusive and careless language and ________ .

providing no personal feelings or opinions in your message

Using the direct strategy to deliver bad news is appropriate for all of the following situations except ________ .

when the bad news is unexpected

Using the indirect strategy enables the writer to ________ .

keep the reader’s attention until the reasons for the bad news have been explained

What is the correct order of ideas when using the indirect strategy to reveal bad news?

Buffer, reasons, bad news, pleasant close

Which of the following is the best example of an effective buffer in a bad-news letter denying a customer’s claim?

We know that you expect superior performance from all the products you purchase from Espresso Enterprises.

Which of the following sentences delivers bad news using the passive voice?

Merchandise refunds are not given at our company without a receipt.

Select the best closing sentence of a bad-news letter.

We appreciate your interest in our organization, and we wish you the best of luck in your job search.

When you are preparing a message that will refuse a typical request, you should first determine ________ .

how the message will affect the receiver

What is the best advice to follow when dealing with disappointed customers in print or online?

Address the problems immediately and personally.

All of the following are reasons why written messages may be used to respond to disappointed customers except ________ .

to demonstrate the writer’s command of the English language

One of the most important goals in a letter that refuses credit is to ________ .

retain customers on a cash basis

When delivering bad news face to face within an organization, what is the best advice to follow?

Outline what you have to say before delivering the bad news.

Most job refusal letters ________ .

are general, simple, and short

Readers are more likely to accept negative messages if the tone is friendly and respectful.


To be actionable (likely to result in a lawsuit), abusive language must be in writing.


Bad news messages should always be organized indirectly.


Bad news may be easier to accept when revealed gradually.


"We are sorry that mistakes were made in filling your order" is a well-written apology.


In the sentence Although we must discontinue the health club benefit, all other benefits will remain unchanged, the bad news has been de-emphasized.


References to resale information or promotion are never appropriate in bad-news messages.


When informing customers of price hikes or rate increases, you should explain the reasons by associating them to increased consumer benefits.


When delivering bad news in person, you must first decide if the negative news is newsworthy.


Letters that deny applications for employment should be courteous and tactful and offer specific information explaining why the candidate was not hired.


Which of the following is not a component of persuasion?


Which of the following is not a trigger that causes individuals to change a behavior or an attitude?


Which statement about persuasion in the digital age is accurate?

Persuasion is complex and impersonal.

What is the correct order of ideas for a persuasive request using the indirect strategy?

Gain attention, build interest, elicit desire, prompt action

You must write a letter convincing your reader to donate money to your company’s annual United Way campaign. What indirect benefit to the reader could you incorporate within your letter?

A statement regarding the need for charitable donations and the power of giving

Which of the following best prompts action in a persuasive message?

Our professional landscaping services will help you make a good first impression with your customers. Call us by June 30 to take advantage of our summer discount.

When you are writing to complain about something and you believe that your request is justified and will be granted, you should use __________.

the direct strategy

Dale is writing a claim letter to a company about a damaged product he received. As Dale is composing his letter to the company, what advice should he follow?

begin the claim with sincere praise, an objective statement of the problem, a point of agreement, or a quick review of what he has done to resolve the problem.

Melinda must write a message to her employees to convey the new procedure for handling customer complaints. Melinda should ________ .

state the purpose of her message immediately

When selling an idea to management, writers often are successful if they make a strong case for saving ________ .


Malcolm is creating a message to send to his boss and is hoping to convince his boss to implement a four-day work week. Malcolm should ________ .

discuss the risks and benefits to the employer and the employee

Stressing how a product or service will help the reader make money is an example of a(n) ________ .

rational appeal

What technique should you use when writing an e-mail sales message?

Write a catchy subject line.

What is the best advice for expressing price in a sales letter if price may be an obstacle?

Compare your prices with those of a competitor.

A press release should ________ .

present the news early in the message

Persuasive messages are always delivered verbally.


The first step in planning a persuasive message is determining its purpose.


When using the AIDA strategy to present a persuasive message, you should develop desire in the closing of your message.


A persuader is effective only when he or she is believable.


Generally, the indirect strategy is best for requesting straightforward adjustments.


Holly is writing a complaint letter. She will be most effective if she appeals to the receiver’s sense of responsibility and pride in the company’s good name.


Instructions or directives moving downward from superiors to subordinates usually require little persuasion.


Your primary goal in writing a sales message is to get someone to devote a few moments of attention to it.


The first rule of e-marketing is to communicate only with those who have given permission.


News releases should cover the answers to the five Ws and one H (who, what, when, where, why, how) in the first sentence to be most effective.


Which of the following is not a purpose for a business report?

To increase production

Which of the following reports is an example of an informational report?

A report that shows a manufacturing firm has complied with environmental regulations

Tania will be writing an analytical report that discusses three potential new locations for her company. She wants to follow the indirect strategy. How should she organize her report?

Introduction/Problem, Facts/Findings, Conclusions/Recommendations

The first step in writing a report is to ________ .

analyze the problem and purpose

Which question should you ask to anticipate your audience?

What do my readers need to know about this topic?

A good work plan for a business research project should include a statement of the problem, a statement of purpose, a tentative outline, a work schedule, and a ________ .

research strategy

Nearly every written report should begin with ________ .

a review of secondary data

Which of the following is the best advice for searching the Web?

Omit articles and prepositions.

Web sources should be evaluated for their authority, content, accuracy, and currency. What question should you ask to determine the currency of a Web source?

What is the date of the Web source?

Which of the following is the best question to include in a mail survey?

Do you approve of a flat-rate income tax?

All of the following are reasons for documenting report data except ________ .

to demonstrate your command of the English language

To help you paraphrase effectively, which of the following should you practice?

Write your own version of the original document without looking it

What is the most frequently used graphic in a report?


A ________ is especially effective in comparing related items, illustrating changes in data over time, and showing segments as a part of the whole.

bar chart

What is the best advice to follow when incorporating graphics within the body of a report?

Introduce the graphic.

Based on their function, business reports usually fall into one of two categories: informational or analytical.


Analytical and informational reports are always written using a letter format.


Whether preparing an analytical or informational report, you do not need to prepare a purpose statement.


Anticipating the audience helps writers determine how much background material to include, how much detail to add, and what method of organization and presentation to follow.


Secondary data result from firsthand experience and observation.


As a writer of business reports, you will probably begin your secondary research with electronic resources.


Plagiarism is the act of using another’s ideas without proper documentation.


As long as you paraphrase the information you find during your research, you don’t have to give credit to the original source.


Incorporating graphics within a report can clarify data.


The major advantage of line charts is that they show changes over time, thus indicating trends.


Determine the mean of the numbers 6, 17, 22, 28, and 37.


Determine the mode of the numbers 38, 24, 46, 38, and 54.


What tool is best to analyze verbal data?


The most widely read portions of a report are generally the sections devoted to the ________ .

conclusions and recommendations

Select the best wording for a recommendation.

Offer a 10 percent discount on a customer’s first online order.

A manager at General Electric is preparing a sales report presenting the results of three of GE’s divisions. This report should be organized by ________ .


A good introductory paragraph for a business report should tell the purpose of the report, describe the significance of the topic, and ________ .

preview the main points

Which of the following transitions is best to clarify points?

For example

When creating headings for a report, which of these principles should you follow?

Incorporate at least one heading per page

________ reports are written at regular intervals to keep management informed of operations and activities.


What advice should you follow to produce professional-looking reports?

Use a consistent type font throughout the report.

Megan is preparing her trip report. She should begin her report by ________ .

identifying the event

Which statement regarding analytical reports is most accurate?

Most analytical reports answer questions about specific problems and aid in decision making

In preparing a justification/recommendation report in which you anticipate reader opposition, you should begin by ________ .

making a general reference to the problem in the subject line

________ reports examine problems with two or more solutions.


The median represents the midpoint in a group of figures arranged from lowest to highest.


A decision matrix grid can be helpful for managers when they must make a decision based on a number of complex options.


Any set of data can produce only one set of conclusions.


When presenting recommendations, always include such words as "maybe" or "perhaps" within the recommendations to demonstrate your objectivity.


Agendas, minutes of meetings, progress reports, and procedures are usually organized by time.


Talking headings show the outline of a report but provide little insight for readers.


Short informational reports should be organized using the direct strategy.


A summary should condense the original ideas by 25 to 30 percent.


Feasibility reports are usually internal reports written to evaluate whether a course of action should be taken.


All reports, whether analytical or information, should be delivered in paper copy.


Which statement regarding proposals is most accurate?

Proposals are written offers to solve problems, provide services, or sell equipment.

The background section of an informal proposal should ________ .

identify the problem

Formal proposals differ from informal proposals in ________ .

size and format

What statement about a letter of transmittal for a formal proposal is most accurate?

A letter of transmittal should briefly present the major features and benefits of the proposal.

A(n) ________ is a formal proposal submitted to a government or civilian organization that explains a project, outlines its budget, and requests money.

grant proposal

What statement about a business plan is most accurate?

A business plan helps manage a company and raise capital.

Which statement regarding a mission statement is most accurate?

A mission statement should describe the reason an organization or program exists.

Which statement about a formal report is most accurate?

Formal reports represent the end product of thorough investigation and analysis.

The part of a formal report that highlights the important points for people who may not have time to read the entire report is the ________ .

executive summary

An executive summary of a formal report is usually no longer than ________ percent of the original document.


The section of a formal report that discusses, analyzes, interprets, and evaluates the research findings or solution is the ________ .


Which of the following is an example of a talking heading?

Findings Reveal Revenue and Employment Benefits

If your report requires that you make recommendations, they should ________ .

be expressed as numbered commands that are practical and evolve from the findings

What item would be most appropriate to include in an appendix of a report?

survey form

What tip should you follow when writing a formal report?

Delay writing the report until you have collected all the data and drawn the primary conclusions

Proposals are written for only external audiences.


The budget section of a proposal represents a contract.


Because most proposals don’t contain an index, the table of contents becomes quite important.


The body of a grant proposal should demonstrate that a problem exists and that the proposal can solve the problem.


Leon should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of his direct and indirect competitors in the market analysis section of his business plan.


Many investors consider the operations and management section of a business plan to be the most important factor in assessing business potential.


Often the easiest way to begin an executive summary is with the words "The purpose of this report is to …"


The scope section of a formal report may include quotes from experts or cite newspapers, journals, books, Web resources, and other secondary sources to establish the importance of a topic.


The most important section of a formal report is the body.


Jason is proofreading the final copy of his report for the third time. At this point he should be checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other mechanical errors.


Which statement about employment in today’s world is most accurate?

Today’s employees will need constant retraining

Well-informed job candidates know that the first step in the employment process is ________ .

identifying interests and evaluating qualifications

Most jobs today are found by ________ .


What is the best advice to follow when searching for a job online?

Limit personal information.

To build a personal network, you should do all of the following except ________ .

wait until a position is posted and then arrange a meeting with someone who is familiar with the company

Which social media site is currently the top site for job seekers?


Because it emphasizes a candidate’s education and work record, most recruiters favor a _______

chronological résumé

An effective résumé style for a recent graduate who has good skills and limited work experience is the ________ .

functional résumé

Which of the following "Summary of Qualifications" statements is most effective?

Provided technical assistance to over 250 students and instructors in PC Lab

What is the best advice to follow when creating the "Work Experience" or "Employment History" section of your résumé?

Use action verbs to describe each job position and duty.

Landon is putting together his reference list. What advice should he follow?

Ask any reference for permission before using his or her name

In preparing a résumé that will be scanned, you should ________ .

focus on specific keywords or keyword phrases

Which statement is most accurate regarding e-portfolios?

E-portfolios are generally accessed through websites

What is the best advice for preparing a cover message for a solicited job?

Refer to the name of an employee in the company.

The body of a customized cover message should ________ .

promote qualifications for the position

Most of today’s workers will be employed with one company during their careers.


The best way to find a job online is at a company’s own website.


Most job openings are announced or advertised.


In today’s competitive job market, you must build and a polish a personal brand.


A résumé should always be one page in length.


The following is a well-written career objective: To obtain an entry-level position as an information technology specialist with the opportunity for advancement.


Under the "Education" section of your résumé, you should list all courses you have taken.


If you have three or more awards or honors, highlight them by listing them under a separate heading in your résumé.


In today’s competitive job market, it is permissible to embellish your job title and duties.


If an advertisement doesn’t request that you include a customized cover message with your résumé, don’t submit one.


Which statement about employment in today’s world is most accurate?

Today’s employees will need constant retraining

Well-informed job candidates know that the first step in the employment process is ________ .

identifying interests and evaluating qualifications

o build a personal network, you should do all of the following except ________ .

wait until a position is posted and then arrange a meeting with someone who is familiar with the company

Because it emphasizes a candidate’s education and work record, most recruiters favor a ________ .

chronological résumé

What is the best advice to follow when creating the "Work Experience" or "Employment History" section of your résumé?

Use action verbs to describe each job position and duty

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