Collision- cost and preventions

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Some road surfaces are more slippery than others when wet


What should you do if your temperature gauge moves up to adjust below the red zone

Turn off your air conditioner, turn on your vehicles heater, immediately seek out a service station with a mechanic

If your hood suddenly flies up you should turn on your hazard lights and continue driving


In Florida no fault insurance is an optional for owners of a vehicle


If you are about to be hit firm behind your best course of action is to brake gently and stop the car


When you don’t have enough room to stop, you may ____ to avoid what’s in front of you

Steer away

Defensive drivers

Anticipate the actions of other road users are willing to adjust their own and position to prevent collisions adjust their driving practices to reflect changes in weather and road conditions

How far must you stay behind another car ahead depends on

Weather and road conditions

Sound your horn

When necessary to avoid collisions

If your brakes suddenly give out what should you do?

Downshift into a lower gear apply the parking brake

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