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Which is a stepping stone towards future education?

High school diploma

What is true about high school dropouts?

They face a greater chance of going to jail

Jobs that require course completions certificates

Vocational and Technical schools

All of the following are benefits to getting involved with activities outside of school except

It will decrease your college tuition ​

An adviser oversees a school-sponsored club or organization to ensure that…

The objectives of the group are followed

How is service-learning is different from community service?

There is a learning objective involved

All of the following are examples of service-learning opportunities except

Getting a part-time job at a habitat restoration center

Opportunities that allow students to give back to their community and that have a set of learning objectives attached are known as…

Service-learning opportunities

Community service is almost always performed

Outside the school or workday

Which of the following is presented to IB students following the successful completion of their studies?

An IB diploma

Which of the following is intended to prepare students for success at colleges worldwide?


An AP course differs from a dual enrollment course in which of the following ways?

A test must be passed with a high score to receive college credit for the AP course.

Which of the following require a high score on an end-of-the-course exam to earn college credit?

AP courses

Which of the following are generally recognized as being the equivalent of undergraduate college?

AP courses

Which of the following statements is true about dual enrollment courses?

They earn the student both high school and college credit

All of the following are reasons to take dual enrollment courses except…

They count more than traditional college courses

Enrolling in rigorous coursework tells a college that a student…

Is attempting to grow through his or her academic experiences

A tool used to aid remembering is called

A mnemonic

Integrating research, writing a paper, and creating a presentation are examples of…


Taking the first letter of each word in a list of items and using those letters to spell a name or thing is called a

Name mnemonic

The following are all examples of competition except

Group study

To accomplish a certain task when you would rather be doing something else is an example of…


Mary never liked math and did poorly. When she decided to think of it as a fun challenge, her performance improved. This is an example of a change in…


To rephrase something using other words, sometimes to make it shorter, is called


All of the following are types of education that you can receive at a community college except…

Liberal arts education

Competitive admission is mostly used by

Four-year colleges

The process in which applications are reviewed based on academic performance, completion of rigorous coursework, and extracurricular activities is called

Competitive admission

All of the following types of institutions admit students with an open admission policy except

Liberal arts colleges

Residence halls are typically found at all of the following schools except

Vocational schools

Upon completion of a program at a vocational school, students earn a(n)

Certificate or license

On average, how many years does it take to complete an associate’s degree?


The degree received after completing a two-year program at a community college is called a(n)

Associate’s degree

The award that is received after completing a four-year undergraduate program is called a(n)

Bachelor’s degree

All of the following institutions award certificates except

Liberal arts colleges

A two-year degree that focuses on natural science, engineering, and mathematics is called an

Associate of Science

A college student could take an elective course that inspires him or her to study a secondary field, which is called

A minor

How many elective courses does a college student typically have to take to earn a bachelor’s degree?


The typical number of courses to finish a major is


Required courses that build knowledge in a specific field are referred to as

Major requirements

Which of the following would normally fall under general education requirements at a college?

Math, literacy, natural sciences, and social sciences

Within a major, students can choose to study a specific area. This is called a(n)


Which of the following is true of an apprenticeship program?

You earn money while in the program

An organization founded by businesses in a specific industry for the purpose of collaboration between companies is called a(n)

Trade association

An education- and career-focused opportunity that connects classroom academics with supervised work experience is called a(n)

school-to-work program

Every type of higher education institution asks you to provide

Basic personal information

College entrance requirements are the ____ expectations for admission


What is the main purpose of completing a certification program?

To learn a specific skill for a particular career field

Certification programs are offered by all of the following except

Liberal arts colleges

The Aspire test helps students plan for college as well as for

The workforce

The Aspire test is designed to help students prepare for the


The Aspire test evaluates students in _____ subject areas


Science Aspire:

40 Qs, 55 mins

Reading Aspire:

31 Qs, 60 mins

Math Aspire:

53 Qs, 65 mins

When a passage from the English section of the Aspire test is already correct, the answer is


English Aspire:

50 Qs, 45 mins

The PSAT’s MyRoad resource contains _____ profiles of academic fields


The ORA is a

Personality Assesment

The Selection Index provided in the PSAT score report is used to determine

Eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship program

Writing and Language PSAT:

44 Qs, 35 mins

Math PSAT:

47 Qs, 70 mins

What are the two types of questions in the math section of the PSAT?

Multiple-choice and grid-ins

The PSAT includes which of the following sections?

Evidence-based reading, writing and language, and math

Stress that occurs when a student is preparing for an assessment, about to take an assessment, or during an assessment is referred to as

Test anxiety

When you don’t know the answer on a multiple-choice questions, it is generally best to

Go with your first guess

Which of the following words most likely indicates a wrong answer in the answer choices?


On which part of the PSAT is a student allowed to write notes or figures?

The test booklet

After taking the _____, students receive access to the ORA Personality Profile


Most work-study jobs are typically located

On the campus of the college the student attends

All students who have taken out a Stafford Loan have a _____ grace period to begin repayment after they graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment


How do students apply for a Direct Stafford Loan?

By completing the FAFSA

Two areas that have a high need for minority students and thus offer many grant opportunities are nursing and


The students with the most exceptional financial need are eligible for the


The grant that is considered the foundation of financial aid is the

Federal Pell Grant

Which of the following websites has a search tool with over 2.7 million scholarships listed?

Students can use their college ID to receive discounts on all of the following except

Professional sporting events

Which of the following is a good way to save money if you attend college out of state and are traveling home?

Check Web sites for student discounts

A college meal plan allows students to

Pay up front to eat a specific number of meals in the college cafeterias

Which website allows you to compare online bookstore prices?

To whom should your family talk about enrolling in a 529 plan or a Coverdell Education Savings Account?

A financial adviser

Which of the following is true of the 529 plan?

It does not guarantee admission to college

Who maintains control over the 529 plan?

The account holder

Where can you open a Coverdell Education Savings Account?

Any financial institution

To whom do you go if you wish to enroll in a prepaid plan?

A state agent

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