Civilizations in North and South America

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Which statement best describes the political structure of the ancient Chavíns?

The Chavín civilization included different groups unified under a single religion.

The Incas developed a record-keeping system using

knots and designs in strings.

The Olmec people

constructed giant stone monuments.

Which statement best describes the political structure of the ancient Aztecs?

The Aztec civilization was ruled by an emperor and had about four hundred tribute states.

What did the Chavíns and the Incas have in common?

Both civilizations lived in the Andes Mountains.

Which early American civilization built the ancient city of Machu Picchu?

the Incas

Which statement best explains how terrace farming differed from slash-and-burn agriculture?

Terrace farming was used to grow crops in mountain areas, while slash-and-burn agriculture was used to grow crops in rainforests.

How were the Mayas and the Zapotecs similar?

Both civilizations played a ball game with hoops.

Cuzco was once a large city in the

Inca civilization.

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