Civil Rights Unit Review

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When the Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee first formed in 1960,

it did not promote aggressive action.

As a result of the "Gentleman’s Agreement" of 1907,

Japanese children of Asian descent went to school with white children.

Which best describes the NAACP’s strategy for ending segregation in public schools?

The NAACP challenged segregation by filing lawsuits in several states.

Who urged Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act as part of his vision for a "Great Society"?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Which hardships did migrant farm workers in the United States face during the 1960s?

poor pay

As the idea of Black Power began to take hold, the SNCC

took a more militant approach.

Which statement best supports the idea that significant anger over racism existed in the US during the 1960s?

Race riots took place all over the country.

The formation of the Black Panther Party signified that some African Americans were

taking a more violent approach to solving problems.

How did the leadership of Cesar Chavez affect the United Farm Workers Union in the 1960s?

It led the UFW to use only nonviolent protest to achieve its goals.

Which conflicts led to increased discrimination against Asian Americans?

World War II and the Vietnam War

Long after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, some states had not desegregated their schools because

the Supreme Court had not set a deadline for doing so.

Which best describes how Brown v. Board of Education affected the United States?

It dealt a blow to segregation in public facilities.

The cases Sweatt v. Painter and McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents expanded

the rights to equal eduecation

Branch Rickey was

a white general manager who opposed segregation in baseball.

Which best describes the reaction in the South to Brown v. Board of Education?

The South resisted integration for years by staging protests and fighting desegregation in court.

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