Cities Final (Australia and the Pacific Islands)

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The two most populous cities in Australia are:

Sydney and Melbourne

Which one of these statements is not true about Australia and New Zealand?

Suburbanization has only recently become a major trend

Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia are:

regions of the southwest Pacific

An Australian state capital began as a penal colony of the British in 1788, served as a sealing and whaling port in the 19th century, and became a "gateway to Antarctica" in the 20th century. What city is it?


Railroads were initially built in Australia to connect:

each coastal city with its hinterland

What statement reflects the pattern of urban primacy in Australia?

Each state of Australia is dominated by a primate city.

The earliest European settlements in Australia began as:

penal colonies

Canberra was deliberately located:

between the two cities that have dominated Australia’s urban hierarchy

"A garden city built around a large lake, with a central focus on a parliamentary triangle and satellite suburbs with town centers of their own." This statement describes:


What statement reflects the pattern of urban primacy in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s most populous city is also a clearly defined primate city

The largest cities in the small island countries of the southwest Pacific generally began as:

colonial trading ports

Which one of the following has been an impediment to urban development in most island states of the southwest Pacific?

Land is held as a communal resource by traditional owners

Large, expensive houses in cities of the island Pacific are likely to be:

owned by expatriates and in gated communities

The cities of what country on the following list are most likely to be most severely affected by global warming?


What city has overtaken Melbourne as home to a majority of Australian corporate headquarters?


The growth of what city in Australia has taken place as people have left New South Wales and moved to the Sunbelt?


Which one of the following is a category of "disadvantaged places" within metropolitan Australia?

peri-urban localities

The process of deindustrialization hit Aotearoa/New Zealand in the late 20th century. Which one of the following correctly states an impact of deindustrialization on Auckland?

Some manufacturing relocated to Auckland from other cities on North and South Islands.

In Australia, the "sea change" phenomenon is drawing people away from big cities and toward:

small coastal towns

In Australia, the "tree change" phenomenon is drawing people away from big cities and toward areas that are:

wetter and cooler

The displacement of young people and lower-paid workers from high cost-of-living areas in Australia is a problem if a city considers what to be important?

waterfront development

Which one of the following cities would not be classified as the capital of a Less Developed Country (LDC)?


Which one of the following is true of the aboriginal population of Aotearoa/New Zealand?

Maoris face significant disadvantages in New Zealand’s cities.

Which one of the following does not apply to Sydney?

Environmentally sustainable metropolitan area

Trends in the evolution of Sydney’s city center include:

increase in high-rise luxury dwellings

In Sydney, housing prices have more than doubled since the century began, resulting in:

the concentration of lower-income groups in rental housing

Ozone levels in Sydney regularly exceed the 4-hour standard for ozone concentration on 21 days a year. Why?

Car ownership

Gentrification and the New Urbanism are often criticized because they foster:

social exclusion

Located on the border between Queensland and New South Wales, it is Australia’s highest intensity high-rise tourist destination. What city is it?

Gold Coast

The old Swan Brewery site in inner Perth was turned into a high-amenity development of theaters, restaurants, and offices. What made the redevelopment controversial?

protests by aboriginal Australians

Capital cities of Pacific Island nations (e.g., Suva) are generally characterized by all of the following except:

strong tourist sectors

Around what city on the following list has it been common for squatter settlements to be bulldozed rather than adequately resourced?

Port Moresby

The "walking school buses" that serve many of Auckland’s children:

both A and B (depend on parents and watchful other adults, are evidence of the greening of New Zealand’s cities)

What signature landscape is not correctly paired with the city where it is located?

The Harbour Bridge= Melbourne

The federal capital of Australia and the federal capital of the United Sates are similar in all of the following except:

They were both located in light of national defense considerations

Which one of the following is true of Sydney’s suburbs?

The greatest concentration of migrants is found in the suburbs

Which one of the following is not true of "green buildings" constructed as part of "green developments" such as Sydney’s Central Park?

Segregated housing densities and land uses

Permitting midnight and prayers and extending hours for worship engendered conflict in Sydney’s Baulkham Hills district when:

Muslim residents wanted to expand their place of worship

Auckland grew up around a harbor site. With reference to what other feature could the site of Auckland be described?

as an isthmus site

Papua New Guinea is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and therefore maintains a High Commission in Australia. In what city are all High Commissions located?


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