CITI Program Quiz- Plagiarism (RCR-Basic)

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Which one of the following situations is most likely to constitute an act of plagiarism?

Copying someone else’s text word-for-word without using quotation marks and adding a citation at the end of the material.

Which one of the following statements most accurately describes how plagiarism has been defined in this module?

Plagiarism applies not only to ideas that are found in print but also those that are communicated verbally.

An idea is most likely to represent "common knowledge" if:

It can be safely assumed that the readers and the author are both thoroughly familiar with the idea and its source.

Proper paraphrasing of a sentence written by someone else may be accomplished by:

Using your own words and writing voice to express the idea conveyed in the sentence.

When authors summarize the work of others, they typically should:

Provide a condensed (shorter) version of the original material.

Authors who reuse portions of text that have appeared in one of their earlier published papers run the risk of being accused by journal editors of:


When authors summarize the work of others, they typically should:

Provide a condensed (shorter) version of the original material.

Ethical writing and scholarship is based on an implicit contract between the author and readers, whereby readers assume that what they read is accurate, has been written by the author, and has:

Not been disseminated before unless noted otherwise.

The reuse of one’s previously published material in a new journal article is most appropriate if:

The author informs all the relevant parties and obtains permission to do so.

The proper use of citations involves:

Placing citations in ways that are consistent with practices seen in well-written articles.

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