CIT-15 Chapter 3

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The Internet is _____

A large network of networks

The concept of the Internet was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense as a network that ______ in event of an attack

Would not be disrupted easily

The World Wide Web was based on a protocol developed by _____

Tim Berners-Lee

The "fathers of the Internet" are Vinton Cerf and ______.

Software that enables you to display and interact with text and other media on the web is a web ______.


The web is based on the _________ Protocol.

Hypertext Transfer

A computer connected to the Internet that asks for data is a(n) _______.


The unique identification number assigned to your computer when you connect to the Internet is known as all of the following except ______.

a. dotted decimal
b. dotted quad
c. path
d. IP address

C. path

A(n) _______ is installed on your computer, and when the program is opened , your e-mail is downloaded to your computer.

e-mail client

______ is a professional, business-oriented social networking site.


Which of the following is NOT a social networking site?
a. YouTube
b. iTunes
c. Facebook
d. LinkedIn

b. iTunes

All of the following are tips for professional e-mail etiquette EXCEPT ______.

a. include a meaningful subject line
b. use spell-checker and proofread before sending
c. be concise and to the point
d. use abbreviations such as "u," "r," and "BRB" to keep the e-mail message shorter

d. use abbreviations such as "u," "r," and "BRB" to keep the e-mail message shorter

Which of the following is NOT a proprietary instant messaging (IM) service?

a. Yahoo! Messenger
b. Google Hangouts
c. Skype
d. LinkedIn Messenger

d. LinkedIn Messenger

A ____ allows visitors to add, remove, or edit its contents


Which of the following are personal video journal entries posted on the web?

a. Vlogs
b. Newsgroups
c. Podcasts
d. Blogs

a. Vlogs

A ________ is a personal journal posted on the web.


Podcasts enable you to _______.

deliver audio/video files via RSS

A(n) ________ is usually a live broadcast of audio or video content.


Multimedia is anything that involves one or more of the following Except _______.

a. browsers
b. graphics
c. audio files
d. video files


________ media are continuously fed to your browser so you do not have to wait for the entire file to completely download before listening to or watching it.


All of the following are types of e-commerce business EXCEPT ________.

a. B2C
b. B2B
c. C2C
d. C2B

d. C2B

A subset of e-commerce that uses social networks to assist in marketing and purchasing products is known as ________ commerce.


Which of the following is NOT a precaution to take when shopping online?

a. Shop at well-known, reputable sites.
b. Avoid making online transactions on a public computer.
c. Pay with a debit card, not a credit card.
d. When placing an order, make sure you receive a confirmation number.

c. Pay with a debit card, not a credit card.

The "s" in "https" stands for ________ socket layer.


A Microsoft ________ account allows you to store and share files in the cloud.


Which of the following is NOT a feature of the most popular web browsers?

a. Session restore
b. Pinned tabs
c. Tacked browsing
d. Thumbnail preview

c. Tacked browsing

The browser feature which allows tabs to work independently from one another so if one crashes, the others may continue to work is known as ________.

tab isolation

The unique address for a particular website is the ________.


In the URL, the portion labeled ".com" is the ________.

top-level domain

In the URL, the portion labeled "surface" is the ________.


In the URL, the portion labeled "http" is the ________.


Which of the following top-level domains identifies a degree-granting institution?

a. .info
b. .net
c. .edu
d. .gov

c. .edu

A(n) ________ is a navigation aid that shows the path you have taken to get to a web page or where the page is located within the website.

breadcrumb trail

Which of the following is a feature of Live bookmarks?

a. Adds RSS technology to bookmarks
b. Broadcasts webinars
c. Streams live television programs
d. Enables you to pin your favorite website images

a. Adds RSS technology to bookmarks

AND, OR, and NOT are examples of ________ operators.


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