CIST2411 Win10 Test 2 Chapters 11-15

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By default, when will Windows install software updates?

Daily at 3:00 A.M.

Which of the following command-line commands can be executed to force a computer to contact its configured WSUS server immediately?

wuauclt /detectnow

Which of the following names is given to software updates that fix a specific problem addressing a critical nonsecurity bug?

Critical Updates

Which of the following names is given to software updates that contain a tested set of cumulative updates?

Cumulative patch

Which of the following allows you to receive early builds of Windows?

Windows Insider Preview

Which of the following update scenarios defer updates for four months after Microsoft makes the updates available to the public?

Current Branch for Business servicing

To examine performance correctly, you must establish a performance baseline. When is this task performed?

during normal usage

Which of the following statements is true of Task Manager?

Task Manager can indicate when you might have a bottleneck.

Which of the following terms is used to identify when a program is being executed?


Resource Monitor is a powerful tool for understanding how your system resources are used by which of the following system consumers?

processes and services

In the Windows Defender console, in which of the following locations will you find items that were not allowed to run but were not removed from the computer?

Quarantined items

Which type of Windows Defender scan uses signature detection methodology and heuristics to monitor and catch malware behavior as files are being accessed?

A real-time scan

Which type of Windows Defender scan checks all files on your disks and running programs?

A full scan

Which type of Windows Defender scan checks only the locations you specify?

A custom scan

Which type of Windows Defender scan checks only the areas that are most likely to contain malware?

A quick scan

The Reliability Monitor provides a range of numbers to help you evaluate the reliability of a computer. What is the name of this range of numbers?

stability index

Which of the following programs is used to view the Windows logs?

Event Viewer

Which of the following tasks can be performed by using the Event Viewer MMC snap-in?

You can save useful event filters as custom views that can be reused.

Event Viewer is essentially which type of tool?

It is a log viewer tool.

Event Viewer allows you to collect events from remote computers and store them locally. By what name is this collection of events known?

event subscription

Which of the following performance indicators can indicate when your CPU is over capacity and must be replaced?

%Processor Time

Which Windows 10 recovery option is considered the most complete because the computer is set back to its original state after the recovery completes?

PC Reset

Which of the following items is not retained after a PC Refresh?

Windows Firewall settings

How often will Windows automatically create a system restore point if the user doesn’t otherwise create one?

Every 7 days

Which recovery method enables you to retain your personal data, Windows Store apps, and basic settings while resetting Windows back to a good working state?

PC Refresh

Which recovery method helps users boot into an environment to get them back into the system so they can begin the troubleshooting process?

Windows 10 File Recovery drive

Which recovery method can be used to recover settings and registry data but not personal data?

System Restore

Windows Backup and Restore is now known as which of the following in Windows 8 and 10?

Windows 7 File Recovery

Which recovery method allows users to back up their personal files to an external drive or network share without administrative assistance?

File History

Which of the following statements about File History is incorrect?

File History can back up your files to the cloud.

By default, how long does File History keep your saved versions in the backup location?


Digital certificates, smart cards, picture passwords, and biometrics are used to perform which of the following actions?


Which of the following items are not supported as a method of authentication in Windows 10?

One-time passwords

Generally speaking, which of the following password conditions is not considered to be part of a strong password for a corporation?

Is also used for online accounts

How does the TPM chip work?

It encrypts private keys stored in the file system.

Where are user accounts stored for computers that are in a workgroup?

Security Accounts Manager

Which of the following is used to find computers, users, and other resources throughout an Active Directory forest?

Global Catalog

Workgroup computers use which authentication protocol when granting resource access?


Which authentication protocol is used when authenticating to a server that belongs to a different Active Directory forest?


Which of the following is not an allowed gesture for a picture password?


When configuring two-factor authentication using digital certificates in Windows 10 on hardware with TPM chips, which of the following methods is the most cost effective and secure?

Using virtual smart cards

Which of the following basic security components is used to support virtual smart cards?

Trusted Platform Module

Which of the following statements best describes how Password Settings Objects (PSOs) should be assigned to users?

You should assign PSOs to a global security group and add users to the group.

When visiting websites, users are automatically logged on. However, if other people use the same profile, a user might not want to automatically log on. Which of the following statements best describes how a user can delete the credentials used in the automatic logon?

Using Credential Manager

Which of the following is used to register a nondomain smartphone or tablet in Active Directory, which installs a certificate on a device so that it can secure single sign-on mechanism?

Device Registration Service

Which term refers to a method used to provide proof that a security principal is the source of data, an action, or a communication?


Which term refers to preventing people from reading information they are not authorized to read?


Which term refers to the process of determining what an authenticated security principal can do?


Which term refers to the ability to guarantee that the information has not been arbitrarily changed?


Why are account lockout policies put into place

To enforce security standards

Which of the following provides biometric authentication that uses a user’s face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock devices?

Which of the following is used provides two-factor authentication that consists of an enrolled device and Windows Hello or a PIN?

Microsoft Passport

Which of the following is required by Device Guard and Credential Guard in order to operate?

Virtual secure mode

Which program runs in the background on a Windows system while providing a function or network application?


Which of the following allows you to manage services?

Computer Management console

Which account provides extensive privilege to the local computer but does not require a password?

Local System account

Which of the following programs allows you to enable Safe Mode during the next boot up?

System Configuration Utility

Which of the following can be used to start a program at a certain time?

Task Scheduler

Which program allows you to create Windows PowerShell scripts easier than if you were using a basic text editor?

Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

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