Cisco Chapter 4

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Which statement describes an extended star topology?

End devices connect to a central intermediate device, which in turn connects to other central intermediate devices

What are two services performed by the data link layer of the OSI model? (Choose two.)

it provides media access control and performs error detection It accepts Layer 3 packets and encapsulates them into frames

Why are two strands of fiber used for a single fiber optic connection?

They allow for full duplex connectivity

Which type of connector does a network interface card use?


Fill in the blank.
The term ________________ indicates the capacity of a medium to carry data and it is typically measured in kilobits per second (kb/s) or megabits per second (Mb/s).​

A network administrator is designing the layout of a new wireless network. Which three areas of concern should be accounted for when building a wireless network? (Choose three.)

security interference coverage area

What is one advantage of using fiber optic cabling rather than copper cabling?

It is able to carry signals much farther than copper cabling

What is indicated by the term throughput?

What is true concerning physical and logical topologies?

Logical topologies refer to how a network transfers data between devices

Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for specifying the encapsulation method used for specific types of media?

data link

What are two reasons for physical layer protocols to use frame encoding techniques? (Choose two.)

to identify where the frame starts and ends to distinguish data bits from control bits

As data travels on the media in a stream of 1s and 0s how does a receiving node identify the beginning and end of a frame?​

The transmitting node inserts start and stop bits into the fram

Fill in the blank.
What acronym is used to reference the data link sublayer that identifies the network layer protocol encapsulated in the frame?


What is the function of the CRC value that is found in the FCS field of a frame?

to verify the integrity of the received fram

What is contained in the trailer of a data-link frame?

error detection

Which method of data transfer allows information to be sent and received at the same time?

full duplex

A physical topology that is a variation or combination of a point-to-point, hub and spoke, or mesh topology is commonly known as a topology.


Which characteristic describes crosstalk?

the distortion of transmitted messages from signals carried in adjacent wires

A network administrator notices that some newly installed Ethernet cabling is carrying corrupt and distorted data signals. The new cabling was installed in the ceiling close to fluorescent lights and electrical equipment. Which two factors may interfere with the copper cabling and result in signal distortion and data corruption? (Choose two.)


What technique is used with UTP cable to help protect against signal interference from crosstalk?

twisting the wires together into pairs

Multimode fiber

LED as light source several paths of light into the fiber generally used with LAN

Singlemode fiber

Only one ray of light into the fiber Generally used with Campus backbone laser as light source

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