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The type of media that uses laser technology to store data and programs is:


The Internet is the largest _____ in the world.


This computer component holds data that is currently being processed.


Employee records, including names, social security numbers, and related information, would typically be stored in what type of data file?

data base

Identify the four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer system

System unit, input/output, secondary storage, and communication

System software includes all of the following except:


Background" software that helps the computer manage resources is called:

system software

A financial budget would be created in what type of data file?


identify the program that coordinates computer resources, provides an interface between users and the computer, and runs applications.

operating system

Desktop, notebook, tablet, and handheld computers are classified as:


This hardware houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system.

system unit

Which part of an information system consists of the rules or guidelines for people to follow?


The physical equipment that processes data in order to create information is called the:


A microcomputer that is smaller, lighter and less powerful than a notebook that has a touch sensitive screen is called a:


Which of the following is a collection of programs rather than a single program?

system software

USB drives are a type of what kind of secondary storage?

solid state

Which of the following are two important components of the system unit?

microprocessor and memory

The word "software" is interchangeable with the word:


Antivirus programs protect your computer system from viruses or malicious programs. This is an example of which type of software?


The most widely used handheld computers are:

PDAs and smartphones.

Which of the following will not retain data after the computer is turned off?


Which technology allows users to shift their desktop computing activities to computers on the Internet?

cloud computing

Which one of the following is not considered a form of secondary storage?


Which of the following computers is also referred to as a server and is used to support end users for things such as retrieving data from a database or providing application software?


What are the two major software types?

System software and application software

Which of the following is not an example of a document file created by a word processor?


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