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JavaScript can be described as:

an object-oriented scripting language

3. In the context of web page interactivity, an _________ can be described as an action
taken by the user.


Select the technology that was developed by a joint effort between Netscape and Sun


The _______ defines every object and element on a web page.

Document Object Model

Select the valid JavaScript variable name below:


A ______ is an attribute or characteristic of an object.


A _____ is an action that can be performed with an object


A ______ is a reusable block of JavaScript statements.


How many scripts can be embedded in an XHTML document?

As many as you need

The __________ event handler is triggered when the visitor places their mouse on
an object.


The _____ method displays a message to the user and contains one button.


Use the ____________ method to write text to a web page


The _______________property can set the background color of the document.


A function can ______ a value to indicate success or failure.


Select the comparison operator to use when testing a condition for equality.


Which of the following will assign the value "Smith" to the variable customerName?

customerName = "Smith";

The code to access the contents of an input box named email on a form is


A __________ is a term used to describe a select list that allows the user to select
an option to load another web page.

jump menu

An appropriate use of JavaScript is:

form validation, sending email.

jQuery is

a free open-source JavaScript library

Select the jQuery code that will set the background color of all li elements to green.

$(‘li’).css(‘background-color’, ‘green’);

When using jQuery, what is used to determine when the web page’s DOM has
been fully loaded by the browser?


Which jQuery method has the purpose of getting or setting the value of an HTML


The jQuery library is available online through a ______


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