Choosing Health Services

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HMO coverage has much more flexibility than PPO coverage.


Julie needs to find a primary care physician. Which of the following processes would be the BEST for her to follow?

A. make a list of doctors, check on their skills, make an appointment

Which of the following is NOT a duty a nurse would perform?

D. Nurses prescribe medicine to their patients.

Prescription drugs account for 25% of all healthcare-related costs.


Which type of medical insurance typically offers the least amount of flexibility in selecting a primary care physician?


Which type of doctor specializes in teeth and jaw alignment?

D. orthodontist

Being underinsured is one of the main reasons that some people are unable to get quality health care


How does a health savings account (HSA) help people save money?

D. The money is in a tax-free account.

Healthcare costs will rise in the future because __________.

C. all medicine will become generic and easily accessible Guess. Unsure

Community health care can provide all of the following EXCEPT:

C. health insurance

Which of the following is NOT an important factor in selecting a medical professional?

D. appearance

Those who are ill should see a specialist before visiting their primary care physician.


The only question you should ask a personal trainer is whether or not they are certified


Personal trainers perform completely different functions for their clients than health and wellness coaches


Primary care physicians are responsible for diagnosis and treatment.


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