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The main difference between a value judgment and an objective statement is that objective statements

describe actual behavior.

According to the text, when we label a sexual behavior natural or unnatural, we are

expressing whether the behavior conforms to our culture’s sexual norms

One of the most important findings in Kinsey’s work was that

there was extraordinary diversity in sexual behavior.

The highly successful approach to treatment of sexual problems developed by Masters and Johnson was based on

behavioral therapy.

Most sex researchers view sexual behaviors

on a continuum of typical to atypical of a specific group.

"Coming out" stories on television programs with gay characters

now focus younger characters than they did previously.

The position of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) along with most major mental health organizations regarding "reparative" therapy for homosexuality is that it should

not be done.

Which of the following statements about same-sex relationships in ancient Greece is accurate?

Same-sex relationships between an older man and a young adolescent male were considered the highest form of love.

A bias in scientific inquiry causes us to

select information that supports our view or belief.

What is the problem with depending on media as a source for sexual attitudes and information?

Because of its entertainment orientation, there are few realistic depictions of sexuality.

What is the longest amount of time an egg is viable following release?

24 hours

The sole function of the clitoris is

sexual arousal.

The size of a man’s penis is related to


The phases of the ovarian cycle include all of the following EXCEPT the

menstrual phase

The thick, clear fluid that often appears on the tip of the penis before ejaculation is produced by the

Cowper’s glands

In order for an embryo to develop male genitals, the embryo must

receive hormonal and genetic signals.

Increased muscle tension accompanying the approach of orgasm is called


All of the following make up the vulva EXCEPT the


A healthy male will produce __________ of sperm every day.

several hundred million

What part of a male’s penis is permanently removed in circumcision?

the prepuce

In the United States, approximately what percentage of unintended pregnancies are terminated by abortion?


For a woman who postpones pregnancy until she is over the age of 35 will likely find that her chances of conceiving ______________, whereas her risk of having a live baby with chromosome problems _____________.

decrease; increase

Any means of preventing a birth from taking place is a(n)

birth control method.

According to your text, compared to other developed countries, the infant mortality rate in the United States is:

far higher

An oocyte is

an unfertilized egg

Which of the following statements about Implanon is TRUE?

It is one of the most effective contraceptives.

To increase the likelihood of fertilization, a couple should have intercourse

within 5 days before and 1 day after ovulation.

Which is the correct sequence of development for a fertilized ovum?

zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus

The most important consideration when choosing a contraceptive method for yourself is the

method you will use consistently and correctly.

Those who believe abortion should be prohibited generally label themselves as


For most people, anatomical sex, gender identity, and assigned gender

are congruent.

Robyn has no ovaries, but her external genitals are those of a normal female. As she grows up, her body remains short, she does not develop a mature feminine physique, and she does not menstruate. Robyn most likely has

Turner syndrome.

_________ refers to whether one is biologically female or male.


Which of these is NOT a predictor that a teen will be to be sexually active?

having older brothers

In response to younger girls’ earlier maturation, the American Psychological Association published a report that concluded that

the sexualization of girls negatively affects their cognitive functioning and physical and mental health

When do psychosexual development and the ability to love begin?

in infancy, with loving touch and handling

Edwin is fifty. He’s noticed that his erection isn’t as firm, it takes more stimulation and time to achieve erection, and ejaculation doesn’t always happen. Edwin

is experiencing changes which are perfectly normal.

According to cognitive social learning theory, we learn attitudes and behaviors as a result of

social interactions with others

The process of publicly acknowledging one’s bisexual or homosexual orientation is called

coming out.

When someone moves from adolescence to adulthood, they reevaluate their moral standards and move from moral decision making based on authority to standards based on their personal principles. This is an example of

an evolving sexual philosophy.

Seth genuinely cares about his animals, yet he derives sexual pleasure from having sexual contact with them. Seth is practicing


How do coercive and noncoercive paraphilic disorders differ?

Noncoercive paraphilic disorders are victimless.

One of the major problems with studies conducted on the prevalence of sexual behaviors is that

the data are gathered from self-reports of a certain group of people and may not reflect actual behaviors.

The sexual activity most commonly performed by prostitutes on men is


Which of the following is NOT considered a paraphilic disorder?

domination and submission

Which of the following sexual practices is most risky for the transmission of STIs?

anal sex

Which of the following phrases best defines sexual variations?

sexual behavior that is not statistically typical

Autoeroticism is

an intrapersonal activity.

Sex therapists consider fantasies about other lovers while having sex with a partner to be

perfectly normal and very typical.

According to the DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5, the key criterion for a diagnosis of sexual sadism disorder is

sexual arousal by the real infliction of physical or psychological harm to another.

Your textbook tells the story of Ellen Stohl, a young woman who uses a wheelchair and posed for Playboy. When she did this many people felt it was exploitive of disabled people. However, when she was asked why she did it, she mentioned that she wanted to

be seen as a woman and not like a 3-year-old.

The DSM-5 identifies sexual dysfunction as

a disturbance in sexual desire and in the psychophysiological changes characterizing the sexual response cycle that causes marked distress and interpersonal difficulty.

Sexual health is

focused on biological function, behavior, body awareness, and acceptance.

According to the study by Keesling (2006) cited in your text, the number one reason why some women have difficulty with orgasm is

lack of experience with self-touch.

Grace has been unable to have intercourse with her husband. When they try, the muscles around her vaginal opening tighten and she cannot be penetrated. According to the DSM-5, Grace likely has

genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder.

Aside from the adverse physical effects of street drugs, a consequence of substance abuse is that drugs

put people at risk for acquiring STIs.

While making love, Raul often evaluates "how well" things are going. This distraction often leads to lack of orgasm. This tendency to become involved in judging performance is called


What makes the diagnosis of testicular cancer problematic?

There is a lack of symptoms and pain in the early stages.

Which item best describes the concept of sensate focus?

Giving and receiving pleasure to each other without a sexual or coital goal.

What percentage of breast lumps is NOT breast cancer?


An estimated 1 in ___ persons living with HIV is unaware of their infection, and may unknowingly transmit it to others


Which of the following is NOT a way to protect you from STIs?

All of these answers can help you avoid STIs

Which of the following is NOT a myth connected with AIDS?

If you have HIV, you may not necessarily have AIDS.

Which of the following is NOT a general symptom that is suggestive of a sexually transmitted infection?

delayed ejaculation

The region of the world that has been hit hardest by HIV/AIDS is

Sub-Saharan Africa.

Which type of lymphocyte directs the body’s immune system response by signaling for the creation of antibodies and activating certain cells specialized for attacking foreign bodies?

helper T cells

Miranda just received the results of her HIV/AIDS screening blood tests and it showed HIV antibodies and a T-cell count below 200. What does this mean?

She has AIDS.

What is the relationship between substance abuse and the spread of STIs?

Intoxicated individuals engage in high-risk behaviors, although researchers aren’t certain it is a cause and effect relationship.

The number of types of sexually transmitted infections is

more than 25.

Denise has just undergone cryosurgery for removal of genital warts. Is she now disease-free?

No, the disease-causing virus is still in her system.

Child abuse prevention programs teach children all of the following EXCEPT

identifying the characteristics of child abusers

Which of the following is NOT a reason why individuals are attracted to sexually-oriented materials?

There is a sense of power in being a sexual observer.

Nonpedophilic sexual abuse refers to

adult-child sexual interactions that are not motivated by a sexual desire for children.

Sexual harassment refers to two types of behavior, the abuse of power and

the creation of a hostile environment.

The authors of the text prefer to use the term sexually explicit material rather than pornography or erotica because

erotica tends to be used positively, and pornography negatively.

A study by Farley (2003) cited in the text found that ___ % of streetwalkers had been raped.


What factor is commonly related in adolescent boys’ and girls’ entrance into prostitution?

childhood sexual abuse

Which of the following statements about child pornography is CORRECT?

Child pornography has been found to be patently offensive and therefore not within the zone of protected free speech.

According to a 2011 Gallup Poll summarized in the Think About It box on page 596, what percentage of respondents indicated that marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized as valid by the law, with the same rights as traditional marriage?


The core concept in defining an activity as sexual aggression is that it involves

sexual activity performed against a person’s will.

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