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The peer group usually provides:

Zone of proximal development

In social comparison, children compare themselves with standards set by:


A group of individuals roughly the same age who play or learn together are known as the:

Peer group

Abilities in learning, dealing with culture, and thinking refers to:

Social cognition

When children are able to understand social interactions, including the causes and consequences of behavior, they have acquired a measure of:

Social cognition

Liv is extremely shy and anxious 8 year old. Other children seem to dislike her. She appears to be an:

withdrawn rejected child

The best example of an aggressive-rejected child is:

Veru, who is disliked by most children because she is so uncooperative.

Compared with younger children, older children:

Demand more from their friends

Unlike younger children, older children:

find it harder to make new friends

Compared with younger children, older children:

More often choose friends of the same sex and background as themselves

The key word in the definition of bullying is:


Research shows that a child is most likely to be a victim of bullying if the child is:

Withdrawn rejected

The bully who has been a victim of bullying himself is called a:


A common characteristic of bullies is that they:

lack empathy

Problems with relationships for both persons is a consequence of what?


What is a stage of moral reasoning in Kohlbergs theory

preconventional conventional postconventional

Lawerence Kohlberg built on the theories of ___________ in his description of the stages of moral development

Jean Piaget

Following what parents, teachers, and peers do is characteristic of what moral stage?


Kohlbergs view of childrens development of moral reasoning was critized because he:

failed to study moral reasoning in girls

The type of moral reasoning that focuses on both the social standards and the laws is called:


Because Iris thinks that it is moral to break the law in some circumstances, Kohlberg would place her moral reasoning at the:

Social contract stage

Kohlberg measured morality by:

analyzing how people reason about what is right and wrong

The Piagetian stage of development that is similar to Kohlbergs stage of preconventional morality is:

Preoperational stage

An emphasis on reward and punishment is characteristic of what moral stage?


Carla is usually goof because she is afraid that she will be punished if she isn’t. Carla is in which level of moral developmentÉ


Leon is asked whether a person should steal food if they are starving. Leon says no because it is against the law. Leon is in Kohlbergs conventional moral reasoning level, in the stage called:

Law and order

Chance steals food to feed himself and his little brother because they are starving. If another child hears this and says Chance shouldn’t steal because stealing is against the law, the child is in Kohlbergs ___________ stage of moral development.


I am careful not to get caught is a statement that best describes what moral stage?


Careful consideration of all options is a characteristic of what level of morality?

Post conventional

A Toronto man killed a doctor who performed abortions. He knew thiswas a crime, and he knew he would be convicted of murder. But he said stopping abortions was worth dying for. This is an example of:

Postconventional Morality

Children all over the world usually:

follow the same sequence of language development

I catched two mices in a trap is an example of:


The term holophrase is used to denote:

the infants use of one word to express a whole thought

Infants repetition of certain syllables at the age of about 6 or 7 monthes is called:


Elaine communicates to her new baby in child directed speech also known as:


The distinct language form known as baby talk is an:

Simplified language that adults use when talking to babies

He hitted me with a stick is an example of what?


The usual order of the development of spoken language is:

Reflexes, cooing, babbling, spoken words


Is universal

Using the word "more" to mean "I want another cookie" is an:


Gretis little girl is deaf and , therefore we would expect that she;

Babble manually at about the same time as normal babies

The language acquisition device (LAD) was proposed by Chomsky to explain:

The universal inborn ability to learn language

A childs ability to add new vocabulary words very quickly is called:

Fast mapping

The structure, rules, and techniques used to communicate meaning are reffered to as:


I falled down and I hurted myself is typical of a child who is first learning grammer. This is an example of:


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