Chauffeur’s License

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What must be done if the load extends 4 feet or more past the rear of a vehicle’s bed or body?

A red flag or cloth at least 12 x 12 (day) or a red light (night) must be displayed at the extreme rear end of the load.

What is the maximum height allowed for vehicles on Michigan roads and highways?

13 feet, 6 inches.

How are rearview mirrors affected by the weight of a vehicle?

Commercial vehicles with a weight of 1,000 pounds or more must have one outside rearview mirror on each side of the vehicle.

If in trouble, where must warning devices be placed?

Warning devices must be placed 100 feet in front of and behind the vehicle, and at the road’s edge within 10 feet of the vehicle’s front or rear end.

How does the weight effect the placement of vehicles?

Vehicles with weight over 5,000 pounds must not follow other cars closer than 500 feet except when passing.

How far ahead should you look when driving?

You should look 12 seconds worth of driving time ahead while driving a vehicle.

When should turn signals be turned on?

Turn signals should be turned on at least 100 feet before you plan to turn.

How are speed limits affected by the weight of a vehicle?

If: Speed limit = 70mph and weight is > 750 pounds your speed limit is 60 mph. If: weight > 10,000 pounds, 60 mph.

When is a CDL needed?

1. Weight > 26,001 pounds with trailor 2. Vehicle > 26,001 pounds 3. Vehicle < 26,000 pounds carrying either 16 or more people or hazardous materials

How far must you park from a stop sign or traffic signal?

30 feet

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