Characteristics of life

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All living things are ___________


What is the simplest level at which life may exist


Are all cells alike

No, but they have many basic similarities

all cells perform various jobs or______


what surrounds a cell and separates it from it’s environment?

Plasma Membrane

what is the difference between unicellular and multicellular organisms?

a unicellular only has one cell A multicellular has 2 or more.

Give an example of a unicellular and a multicellular organism

Unicellular: Bacteria MultiCellular:Fungi

Multicellular organisms can be organized into what other levels?

Organisms, Organ system, organs, cells, tissue,

Place a circle around which is made of cells and a box around the one wiht only cell walls: Cork, sponge, wood, plastic, tree

CElls: Wood, Tree Cell walls: Sponge, Cork, plastic

which organisms is unicellular and which is multicellular: Crab and Pond Scum

Pond Scum: Multicellular Crab: unicellular

Define Reproduction

Production of offsprings

Must EVERY member of a particular species be able to reproduce in order for the species to survive?

Yes, or else the species might go extinct and if individuals of a species never reproduced it could mean the end of the species existence.

what would happen if all individuals in a species were sterile(couldn’t have babies)?

The species would go extinct

Reproduction is not essential for the survival of an individual ______ but is essential for the survival of the ________

1. Organism 2. Species

what is meant by extinction?

That their are no more left of that certain species

Name and define the two basic kinds of reproduction

Sexual: Where you have to have physical sex to create a baby Asexual: where a species can reproduce without the help of a mate

which organisms is asexual and sexual: Bacteria, Hydra, SEa URchin

Bacteria:Asexual Hydra:Asexual SEa Urchin: Asexual and Sexual

how do all organisms begin life?

as a cell

what is the difference between growth and development?

Development:the changes during the species life Growth: Increase in living material

do unicellular organisms grow?do they develop?

No and Yes

do multicellular organisms grow? do they develop?

Yes and yes

how is the growth of a living different from the growth of a nonliving thing?

Lving things grow on their own while nonliving things need the aid of a living thing

What is energy

Ability to make change.

energies importance to living things

it powers their life process

what is a heterotroph

Use energy from the sun

what are the environmental factors that organisms respond to?

Internal environment

organisms must also respond to________factors in order to stay healthy and survive


what are the two internal factors organisms respond to?

Level of water, and nutrients

give two examples of how living things respond to change in their environment

fold leaf together and regulating body temperature

if light is applied to the human eye how does it respond?

closes or blinks rapidly to protect it

what is homeostasis

It allows animals to regulate their internal environment

What is biology

It is the science that studies living organisms

living things


list characterisitcs of living things

made of one or more cells, obtain or use energy, grow and develop, reproduce, respond to their environment, adapt to their environment, complex organization, metabolism


Smallest part of an element or compound


It is a group of similar tissues working together like the heart or lungs


all the living and nonliving things living in a similar environment such as a desert


It is all living and nonliving things on earth


smallest level at which life exists


a living thing that may be unicellular or multicellular


a group of one kind of organism living in an area


several populations of organisms living together


parts of a cell such as the nucleus


group of similar cells working together

What is differentiation

that is when the cells become different from each other as they multiplied and followed the various roles supplied for them by their genetic instructions

How does Evolution help scientists?

It helps them understand how organisms that are alive today came too existence.

what is ecology

the study of how organisms interact with one another and their environment

what is ecosystem

a large environmental community

What is the process all living things use to process energy


What is cell division

it is the formation of a two cells from one cell

What is development

the process where a adult organism emerges

What produces development

repeated cell divisiona nd cell differientiation

is reproduction essential to the survival of an individual organism


is reproduction essential to the survival of a species


What are the steps in scientific method

observations hypothesis predictions controlled testing theory verification


need food to create energy

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