chapters 14 & 15 final.

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In his landmark poem The Rock, T. S. Eliot claimed that the knowledge accumulated by Western civilization brought twentieth-century Westerners closer to?

Ignorance and death.

Purging the canvas of all recognizable subject matter was the aim of artists such as?

Mondrian and Kandinsky.

According to Marcel Duchamp and other Dada figures, the artists should be the?

Destroyers of tradition.

Konstantin Stanislavsky is associated with?

Method acting.

According to Freud, civilization was the product of the?


What are some characteristics of art in the first half of the twentieth century?

Cubism, futurism, fauvism, and dada.

The Holocaust resulted from Hitler’s?

Theory of Aryan racial superiority.

Which artistic movement thrived on nihilism and irrationalism?


Picasso’s landmark painting, Guernica, immortalized the?

Aerial bombing of a civilian target.

A major component of the music known as "jazz" is?

Improvisation, syncopation, and the blues motif.

The use of cinematic shots in rapid succession is known as?


For much of his music, Aaron Copland found inspiration in?

American folk songs.

Freud theorized that the libido was an important drive of?

The ego.

Jung argued that the collective unconscious manifested itself in?


The pioneering narrative films of George Méliès and Edwin S. Porter were early examples of which popular genres?

Westerns and science fiction.

The most distinctive feature of Imagist poetry was its?

Pared down, abstract style.

The first totalitarian state of the twentieth century was established in?


Albert Einstein and other twentieth-century physicists argued that?

Newtonian laws of physics did not function at the cosmic level.

Fauvist artworks are most notable for their bold use of?


Leopold Bloom is the central figure in James Joyce’s landmark work?


The names Gropius and Le Corbusier are associated with the?

International style in architecture.

Jules Verne and H. G. Wells were pioneering figures in which literary genre?

Science fiction.

Wright’s extraordinary house, "Fallingwater," depended on the inventive use of?

The cantilever.

Picasso’s landmark work Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was a precursor to the style that became known as?


Leading artists of China’s Pop art movement, such as Wang Guangyi, have assumed the role of?

Social critic.

The assertion that "the world will never be white again" was made by which author of Go Tell It on the Mountain?

James Baldwin.

The "Great Criticism" series by the Chinese artist Wang Guangyi reflects the influence of?

Pop art.

Arguably the most radical development in music in the last fifty years, as seen in synthesizers and sampling, has been the?

Impact of electronic technology.

Einstein on the Beach, one of the first operas to employ electronically amplified instrumentation, was written by?

Philip Glass.

The aesthetic, production, and materials of minimalist artworks are inspired by?

Industrial technology.

Some critics contend that Postmodernism originated with the rejection of the International Style in the field of?


The pioneer figure in American Pop art was?


The effort on the part of contemporary physicists to achieve a "theory of everything" is evident in?

String Theory.

The feminist Simone de Beauvoir held that women?

Should reject the role of "Other".

A major component of hip-hop music is?

Percussive beats, disco, reggae, and rock influences, and electronic manipulations of music by disc jockeys.

After 1945, there was a shift in major art production from?

Paris to New York.

Which composer wrote aleatory pieces such as 4′ 33"?


The leading action painter of the twentieth century was?


Merce Cunningham’s choreography is considered radical because it?

Does not depend on music.

In his writings on existentialism, Sartre insisted that each individual is?

The sum of his or her own actions.

The elements of jazz and street slang in the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks show the influence of?

Langston Hughes.

Beckett’s Waiting for Godot belongs to a dramatic genre known as?

Theater of the absurd.

What do minimalism and geometric abstraction have in common?

Both largely nonrepresentational.

The United States Supreme Court did not ban school segregation until?


Sartre’s landmark philosophic treatise is entitled?

Being and Nothingness.

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