Chapter2 Power Point

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Studies show people remember at least ____ more information when the document they are seeing or reading contains visual elements


____ help clarify and emphasize details, so they appeal to audience members with differing backgrounds, reading levels, attention spans, and motivations


PowerPoint displays many ____ that are varied and appealing and give you an excellent start at designing a presentation

title slide

The ____ introduces the presentation to the audience


A photo’s color intensity can be modified by changing the brightness and ____.


A ____ is a named group of formatting characteristics


____ determines the overall lightness or darkness of an entire image


____ is the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image


The difference between the effects and the styles is that each effect has several ____, providing you with more control over the exact look of the image

(PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab | Picture Styles group)

The Picture Effects button is located on the ____, as shown in the accompanying figure

graphical elements

One method of getting the audience’s attention and reinforcing the major concepts being presented is to have ____ on the title slide


PowerPoint provides a wide variety of ____ shapes that can add visual interest to a slide.


Many of the shapes included in the ____ gallery can direct the viewer to important aspects of the presentation.


Monitor dimensions and resolution affect how ____ display on the ribbon

(DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab | Size group)

To change a selected shape’s height or width to a specific value, type the value in the Height or Width text boxes on the ____.


Formatting text in a shape follows the same techniques as formatting text in a ____.

Courier New

____ is a font that resembles the letters that typewriters produced


Adding a ____ to text adds depth and helps the letters display prominently

Format Painter

To save time and avoid formatting errors, you can use the ____ to apply custom formatting to other places in your presentation quickly and easily

WordArt styles

____ allows you to type new text or convert existing text to WordArt


WordArt ____ in the interior of a letter can consist of a solid color, texture, picture, or gradient.


The WordArt ____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol


PowerPoint increased the weight of a line in ____ increments

No Outline

To delete WordArt text outline, click ____ in the Text Outline gallery


Solid ____ is one color used throughout the entire slide.

Gradient fill

____ is one color shade gradually progressing to another shade of the same color or to another color.


____ allows you to see through the background, so that any text on the slide is visible.


A background feature called ____ allows you to move the background from the slide borders in varying distances by a percentage

Pattern fill

____ adds designs that repeat in rows across a slide


You can use ____ options to repeat a background image many times vertically and horizontally on a slide

Transparency slider

You can change the transparency of a picture used as a slide’s background with the ____.

Find and Replace

The ____ feature automatically locates specific text and then replaces it with desired text.


To instruct PowerPoint to confirm each change, click the Find Next button in the ____ dialog box.

Quick Access Toolbar

if you accidentally replace the wrong text, just click the Undo button on the ____.


A word with a meaning similar to that of another word is called a ____.


You can type and format notes in the ____ pane.


The Notes pane is ____ until you tap or click the Notes button on the status bar to open the pane.

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