Chapter 9 Quiz

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A ___ fault has little or no vertical movements of the two blocks

Strike slip

In a – fault, thc hanging wall block moves up with respect to the footwall block


In thrust faulting ____.

the crust is shortened and thickened

Which one of the following stress situations results in folding of flat-lying, sedimentary strata?

horizontally directed; compressive strcssc

A graben is characterized by

a hanging wall block that has moved down between two normal faults

The mountains and valleys of the Basin and Range Province of the western United States formed in response
to -._-

tensional stresses and normal-fault movements

In a normal fault ____

the hanging wall block above an inclined fault plane moves downward relative to the other block

a transform fault is ___.

a strike-slip fuutt tnut forms the boundary between tectonic plate

Brittle deformation would be favored over plastic deformation in which of the following conditions?

cooler temperatures

A thrust fault is best described as ___

a low-angle, reverse fault

A horst is ____

an uplifted block bounded by two normal faults

A syncline is ___

a fold in which the strata dip toward the axis

The Black Hills of South Dakota are a good example of a(n) ____.


Large circular downwarped structures are called ____


Which of the following combinations should favor folding rather than faulting

high temperature and high confining preassure

Tensional forces normally cause which one of the following

normal faults

The ____ in California is the boundary betwcen thc North American and Pacific plates

San Andreas strike-slip fault

A(n ___ is a thick accumulation of sediments and small, tectonic blocks formed of material scraped off
a descending, lithospheric plate.

accretionary-wedge complex

The Sierra Nevada, California, and Teton, Wyoming, ranges are examples o{

fault blocks uplifted by late Tertiary to Quaternary normal faulting

A good example of a present-day,, passive continental margin is the __

East coast of the Japanese islands

The ___ are a geologically old mountain range folded and deformed during the Paleozoic.

Appalachians in the eastern Unitecl States

The term ___refers specifically to geologic mountain building.


Which one of the following is an example of an isostatic movement

uplift of areas recently covered by thick, continental ice sheets

Folded limestones that occur high in the Himalayas were originally deposited as sediments in a

marine basin between Inclia and Eurasia

The concePt that rocks of the crust and upper mantle are floating in gravitational balance is known as ____


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