Chapter 9- Informal Reports

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Which of the following statement about reports in today’s business environment is MOST accurate?

All of the above

Reports that present data without analysis or recommendations are _____ reports


Which of the following is MOST likely to be written as an informational report?

A summary of informational presented at a recent conference for technical writers

Reports that provides data or findings, analyses, and conclusions are ____________ reports


Which of the following reports is an example of an analytical reports?

A report recommending an antiterrorism security system for mass transit

The direct strategy of organization is appropriate for a business report when readers are __________ supportive, or eager to have the results first.


when you organize an informational report directly, in what order should the ideas be presented?

Background, facts/findings, summary

the indirect strategy of organization is appropriate for business reports when readers must be _____ or educated.


when do you organize an analytical report indirectly, in what order should the ideas be presented?

Introduction/problem, facts/finding, discussion/analysis, conclusion/recommendation

an informal writing style includes _____ (wouldn’t, don’t, they’re)


which of the following constructions uses the BEST writing style for an informal report?

We’re pleased to announce the selection of Peck Builders as general contractor for our new office complex.

which of the following sentences demonstrates ACTIVE-VOICE verbs

Research indicates a correlation between strong writing skills and promotions.

The format of a report depends primarily on its _____, _____, _______, and __________

length, topic, audience, and perpus

you are writing a short informal report that you will send to one of your customers. Which format would be MOST appropriate?

letter format

You are writing a short informal report that will stay inside your organization. Which format would be MOST appropriate?


You work for a development firm and must explain to a customer the results of a year-long study of potential sites for new stores. In what format should you develop this report?

Strip format

You are an inventory specialist for a retail store. Your boss has asked you to compile a year-end report listing the merchandise sold each month through the company’s website. In what format should you present this data?

per-print forms

Which statement about digital slide deck is MOST accurate?

all of the about answer choices are accurate statements about digital slide decks

Headings that show the sections of report are called

funtinal headings

heading that provide specific information about the contect of a report section are called>

talking headings

Whichh of the following is a talking heading

projected cost saving for IT outsourcing

Katherine must use headings in a report. What shouls she do to make sure that her headings are effective?

Include at lest one heading per report page.

The purpose of most business reports is to

all of the answer choices provide purposes for bisiness reports

When you receive an assignment to write a report you should begin (first-hand) the report-writing process by?

Analying the perpus

to help you clarify a report problem, you should write a (n)

problem statement

Which of the following is the BEST statement of purpose for a report?

Establish a wellness incetive programs for al employees.

one of the MOST important steps in writing an informal report is that of _____?


primary data come from _____________________ and observation.

first hand express

Many business writers begin their report research by visiting company ___________ and ________.

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