Chapter 9 Homework-Quiz

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The objective of layout strategy is to

develop an effective and efficent layout that will meet the firm’s competitive requirements

To obtain flexibility in layout, managers may implement all EXCEPT which of the following tactics?

place workstations far apart

Which of the following allocates display space and responds to customer behavior?

retail layout

Which of the following approaches is also called "job shop"?

process-oriented layout

The "A" on an office relationship chart means

absolutely necessary

Which of the following is NOT helpful for retail layout?

Keep end-aisle locations empty to facililatate traffic flow

Which of the following is an example of ambient conditions?

leather chairs at Starbucks

The objective of warehouse layout is to

find the optimum trade-off between handling cost and costs associated with warehouse space

Which of the following is NOT one of the tasks of random stocking system?

Assigning certain items or classes of items to particular warehouse areas so that the total distance traveled within the warehouse is maximized

A fixed-position layout

addresses the layout requirements of large, bulky, projexts such as ships and buildings

Which of the following would NOT be produced or offered using a fixed-position layout?

a hospital emergency room

What are groups or batches of parts processed together?

job lots

Work cells typically have

reduced investment in machinery and equipment

Which of the following moves production to a large work cell that remains part of the present facility?

focused work center

A product-oriented layout

is organized around products or families of similar high-volume, low variety production

Generally the goal of assembly line balancing is to

minimize imbalance between machines or personnel while meeting a required output from the line

The main objective of retail layout is to

maximize profitability per square foot of floor space


avoids placing the materials or supplies in storage by processing them as they are received for shipment

A process-oriented layout

deals with low-volume, high-variety production

In process-oriented and fixed-position layouts, it is important to minimize the costs of

material handling

Workspace can inspire informal and productive encounters if it balances three physical and social aspects:

proximity, privacy, and permission

Which of the following terms describes the physical surroundings in which a service takes place, and how they affect customers and employees?


To provide better access and possibly reduce the number of workers needed, work cells may be designed in the shape of what letter of the alphaber?


What is a succesful technique used by companies such as Ingall Ship Building Corporation to avoid some of the difficult problems producitng items in fixed-position layouts?

complete as much of the project as possible offsite

Which of the following is NOT true regarding layout decisions?

To obtain flexibility in layout, operations managers could keep investments high

What process uses warehousing to add value to a product through component modification, repair, labor, and packaging?


The requirements of work cells do NOT include

a high-level of training and a low level of flexibiity

Which of the following arranges machinery and equipment to focus on production of a single product or group of related products?

work-cell layout

Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons that the techniques for addressing fixed-position layouts are complicated?

The volume of materials needed is constant

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