Chapter 9 Health-Wellness

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A primary source of stress is which of the following?


People living in crowded urban environments tend to experience the greatest stress from

the high cost of living

The physiological reaction induced by nervous and hormonal signals that readies the heart, muscles, and other organs and systems in ways that promote survival is called

fight-or-flight response

When practicing progressive muscle relaxation, which part of the body should you start with?


An example of hypnosis would be

implanting a suggestion to lessen one’s phobia of snakes

The simultaneous changes that occur in the body to maintain homeostasis are called


Biofeedback involves

monitoring physical stress responses

Jeff is a hard-driving, competitive, perfectionist. His personality type is most likely

Type A

A state of physiological equilibrium is known as which of the following?


People living in rural areas tend to experience stress from

limited employment opportunities

The long-term wear and tear on the body caused by the body’s prolonged attempt to maintain equilibrium is known as

allostatic load

The region of the brain that releases hormones that first trigger the stress response is called the


Stress from positive events or circumstances is


Which of the following would be a likely source of eustress?

Entering college

Physical activities that can best relieve feelings of stress and tension

are fun

According to a national survey of college students, which of the following represents the biggest impediment to academic success?


Research has suggested that meditation shifts brain activity away from the right prefrontal lobe. This area of the brain is associated with


An event or circumstance to which the body tries to adapt is


A set of physical or emotional reactions following a stressful event or circumstance is

a stress response

Which of the following occurs as a result of the fight-or-flight response?

increase in respiration

Which of the following is an example of a habit that fights the negative effects of stress?

sleeping in a cool, dark room

Stress can be described as

a disturbed emotional state experienced due to an event or circumstance

Sarah narrowly avoided a traffic accident and is experiencing rapid heart rate and other symptoms of the fight-or-flight stress response. Based on her physical and emotional state, Sarah is in which stage of the general adaptation syndrome?


Which of the following is considered negative stress?


Epinephrine and norepinephrine secreted during the stress response target cells within the


Which of the following is likely to lead to poor sleep?

taking frequent naps

Psychologically hardy people are characterized by

-personal control

Which of the following coping mechanisms is most important in determining how you experience stress?


In severe cases, an individual’s response to stress may develop into

post-traumatic stress disorder.

Relaxation breathing focuses on which muscles?


Decreasing stress related to performance demands involves

setting priorities

Cortisol is secreted by which bodily source?

adrenal glands

The general adaptation syndrome describes how the body

responds to stress when homeostasis is disrupted.

Researcher’s think that cortisol and cytokines damage a part of the brain known as the


Physiological damage, reduced immunity, and increased susceptibility to physical or mental illness are characteristic of which stage of general adaptation syndrome?


Which of the following is a good tip for avoiding financial stress?

use on-line banking to avoid late fees

The hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in response to stress is called

adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)

A state of stress-induced physical and mental exhaustion is known as


Which of the following is an action you can take to develop better mental skills for stress management?

worrying constructively

Conflict is most likely to occur when we

have to choose between competing motives

The interpretation and evaluation of information provided to the brain by the senses is known as


Which of the following strategies is recommended as an effective way to manage your time?

avoid overcommitment

Disruption of an individual’s "normal" physiological state due to an event or circumstance is known as


Karen was almost finished with a research paper when her computer crashed. The computer malfunction would be considered

a stressor

A stress management technique that identifies muscular tension and releases it one muscle group at a time is called

progressive muscle relaxation

Which stressor is unique to international students?

language barrier

The relationship between the mind’s response to stress and the immune system’s ability to function is collectively known as


A relaxation technique that teaches you to alter automatic physiological responses is


Stepping back to a simpler life is known as


Stress relaxation techniques

focus the mind and breathing

Which of the following has research shown to be a response elicited by prayer?

increased immune response

Allostatic load can lead to

high blood pressure

An acute stress disorder caused by experiencing an extremely traumatic event is

post-traumatic stress disorder

Which step will most likely simplify your life?

learning to say no

Which of the following characterizes the resistance stage of the general adaptation syndrome?

the body establishing a new level of homeostasis

Changing your behavioral response to stress involves

assessing the stressor

During the stress response, one of the primary functions of cortisol is to trigger the release of


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