Chapter 9 Drug Misuse and Addiction

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Which drug is most closely associated with flashbacks?


A shy person who drinks several alcoholic beverages at a party and becomes very loud and social is experiencing the effects of


The time-action function is the relationship between

when a drug is taken and the intensity of its effect

The active component in marijuana is


The LEAST common method of cocaine use is


John, who is 14 years old, is somewhat small for his age and is often teased by his peers. He has recently become involved with a new peer group that is known to use alcohol and marijuana. What factor has probably had the most influence on John’s decision to become involved with drugs?

peer acceptance

Which of the following is an example of codependent behavior?

Susan called her boyfriend’s boss to say he was sick and couldn’t come into work; in truth, he was hung over

Perhaps the most well-known medication for drug abuse is


The effects of cocaine are felt in

about 10 seconds if inhaled

Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for drug use?

being an independent thinker

"Ice" is a(n)


Which of the following drugs is NOT a hallucinogen?


Steven would spend only 1 hour in the gym 3 times and week, but recently he has been spending 3 hours a day 7 days a week working out. He has noticed that his back is chronically hurting. Once Steven has stopped his work out, he starts thinking about what he did not accomplish. This is an example of what type of behavior?

addictive behavior

The typical primary effects of central nervous system depressants include all the following, EXCEPT


A potent preparation made from the thick resin that exudes from the bud leaves of marijuana is known as


During which age group are males and females closet in illicit drug use?


Carl is a junior in college. Over the last 12 months, he has spent his weekends drinking alcohol and playing poker. He does not drink on weekdays but occasionally uses "speed" if it is available to stay awake during the all-night poker games. He then takes Valium so that he can sleep during the day and be rested for the next night’s game. Carl’s friends are worried that Carl is hooked on drugs and that he can’t stop, but Carl claims that he has no problem with his drug use. Carl boasts that he can drink more beer now than he could when he first came to college without becoming as intoxicated or having a hangover the next day. He dismisses the risks associated with mixing alcohol with other drugs like Valium, stating that only people who don’t know what they are doing have problems. Carl attends his classes, although he has been missing the early Monday class and his overall grade-point average has dropped this semester.

Carl’s biggest health risk from his current pattern of drug use is

respiratory depression

The contemporary term for what was formerly called addiction is not referred to as


Which of the following behaviors is NOT characteristic of drug dependency?

having no desire to regulate substance use

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