chapter 9

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a good relationship does not involve any sort of cost to you.


other things being equal, we are more likely to form social relationships with people we see often than with people we don’t


in the _ stage of friendship, people begin to drift apart and might lose contact with one another

waning friendship

friendship rules are almost away explicit, rather than implicit.


Uncertainty reduction theory suggests that people get to know each other because they believe the effort will be worth it.


Janice and Stephanie have been close friends for some time. When Stephanie recently lost her job, she couldn’t afford her rent anymore and was on the verge of homelessness. Janice invited her to come and stay in her extra room for as long as needed to. In return, Stephanie insisted on doing housework and most of the cooking. According to equity theory, which of the following statements about this relationship scenario is true?

all of these

According to the need to belong, we need relationships that are both emotionally close and interactive.


Smoking cigarettes is worse for your health than not having close friendships.


this is your realistic expectation of what you think you deserve from a relationship

comparison level

which of the following statements about opposite-sex friends is not true?

all of these are true

_ is the force that draws people together.

physical attraction

which of the following is one of the friendship rules identified in a study by communication researchers Argyle and Henderson?

don’t be jealous of your friend’s other friends.

which of the following reasons is most commonly cited for ending a friendship due to changes in life circumstances

moving away

which of the following statements about potential health benefits of relationships is true?

people with strong social networks are more than twice as likely to survive a heart attack

which of the following statements about relationships with clients at work is correct?

close friendships with clients can put workers in a uncomfortable or unethical position.

when you establish a friendship with a supervisor at work, it is a good idea to establish _ to prevent potential problems

ground rules

which of the following statements about friendships is not true

friendships are the same in both sexes

work relationships usually involve both a task dimension and a social dimension


When you meet Carrie, you are drawn to her as a friend because she is an excellent piano player, just like you are. This is an example of what form of attraction?

task attraction

Let’s say you’re friends with your co-worker, Eric, who’s up for a promotion. Which of the following is an example of the task dimension of your relationship?

if Eric doesn’t get the promotion, you will console him and help cheer him up.

Researcher indicates that becoming friends with your customers is almost always bad for business.


When forming friendships, people find several forms of similarity to be attractive. According to research, which of the following is true?

attitude similarity is the strongest predictor of initial attraction.

Regarding sex differences in same-sex friendships, which of the following is not true?

same sex friendships are more important to women than they are to men

friendship and other social relationships often involve these types of reward

all of these

which of the following represents a peer relationship

your boss because he works at the same company you do.

which type of sexual harassment includes requesting romantic or sexual favors in return for preferential treatment at work?

quid pro quo

When we experience any form of attraction for someone else, we are likely to engage in ___________________, behaviors that signal our interest in another person.

liking behaviors

In the ______________ stage of friendship, people begin to think of themselves as friends and their communication becomes more personal.

move towards friendship

this theory predicts that the more we learn about someone, the more we like that person

uncertainty reduction theory

This theory says that each of us is born with a fundamental drive to seek, form, maintain, and protect strong social relationships:

need to belong theory

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