Chapter 9.14 Operating System Troubleshooting

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A user calls to report a problem. She is trying to install an application on a Windows 10 system, but cannot. In the past, she installed applications on her Windows XP system without any issues. Her user account has always been a member of the Power Users group. What do you suspect is causing the installation issue?

Her group membership denies program installation on the operating system.

Don is an accountant in the Finance department, and for the last several months has been testing an online account program. After speaking with his manager, Don receives permission to download a streamlined version of the software, which requires a local installation. After downloading, Don tries to install the application on his Windows 10 workstation, but the operating system does not allow it. Out of frustration, he calls the Help Desk. The Help Desk personnel comes to Don’s machine and installs the application without issue.

Which of the following is the most likely reason Don could not install the application?

Insufficient permissions.

On a Windows 10 system, which Task Manager tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program?


While browsing the Internet on a Windows 10 workstation, the Internet Explorer browser window hangs and stops responding. Which Task Manager tab would you use to end Internet Explorer?

Process. Details.

You have a custom database application that your company has been using for several years. The application worked correctly when your organization used Windows XP systems. Recently, you purchased new Windows 10 systems for you sales team members. Each user is a member of the Users group on the local systems. you install the custom application successfully. When the sales employees log on and try to run the application, the program splash screen loads, but then seems to hang.

What should you do first?

Run the application as Administrator.

You have a Windows 10 system that was recently upgraded from Windows 7. One of the installed applications worked fine under Windows 7, but now does not run in Windows 10. you have check the application vendor’s website but there is no update available.

What should you try next to run the application?

Run the application in compatibility mode.

One of the programs that launch automatically at startup is causing your Windows 10 workstation to lock up. You have examined the Startup folder, and the problem application is not present. Which Windows utility should you use to prevent the program from starting automatically?

Task Manager

Which of the following tools can you use to start the Print Spooler service if it is currently stopped?

Task Manager Services console Net start

Christian has enabled Boot Logging from the Advanced Startup Options menu of his Windows 10 workstation. Which file would he examine to see a list of drivers loaded during the startup process?


You have a Windows 7 computer that was recently upgraded from Windows XP. An installed application worked fine in Windows XP, but now does not run in Windows 7. You have checked the application vendor’s website, but there is no update available.

Which options should you try to run the application?

Run the application in compatibility mode. Run the application in XP mode.

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