Chapter 9.12 System Recovery

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To protect your Windows 10 system, you’ve used System Restore to automatically protect your system using restore points. You’ve also configured File History to protect your user’s data files.

Will this configuration adequately protect your system in the even of a hard disk failure?

No, you need to create an image of your Windows system as well.

When you load a partition management utility on a workstation running an OEM version of Windows 8.1, you notice that there is a hidden partition located at the beginning of the workstation’s hard drive. You decide to delete it to free up space on the drive.

Should you do this?

No, this is the system’s recovery partition.

Which of the following are true regarding the recovery partition on a Windows system?

The recovery partition can be used to restore the system to its original state when it shipped from the manufacturer.

Given that you are using a Windows 10 system, in which of the following situations would reverting to a System Restore point be the best option?

You recently installed a new application and now the system behaves erratically.

In which of the following situations would restoring from a system image be the best option?

You need to restore a Windows system after a catastrophic hard drive failure.

In which of the following situations would restoring from a backup be the best option?

You accidentally deleted several important e-mails and need to restore them. You need to restore several word processing files that were accidentally deleted from your Documents folder.

Your Windows 8.1 system has experienced a serious failure. You decide to use the advanced recovery options provided by the operating system to bring the system back to a unstable state. During the recovery process, you want to preserve as much data as possible including apps purchased from the Microsoft Store as well as your user’s data files.

Which option should you use?

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