Chapter 9.11 System Protection

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To protect user data on a Windows 7 system, you’ve configured System Restore to automatically create restore points for the C:\ volume.

Given that your user profile data is stored in the default directory (C:\Users), will this strategy adequately protect your users’ data?

No, you need to create a backup of your user data as well.

While using a Windows 8.1 system, you accidentally downloaded and installed a malware package from a phishing email exploit. You were able to reboot the system into Safe Mode and use System Restore to revert the system to point in time before the malware infection occurred.

Given this information, which of the following are true?

Your user files were not affected when the system was reverted to the restore point. You must reinstall any applications that were installed after the restore point was taken.

System Restore is currently disabled for all volumes on a Windows 10 system. You need to enable System Protection for the C: volume.


System Restore has been enabled for all volumes on a Windows 7 system. Recently, a new network driver was installed on the system. However, the driver code contained bugs and now your network board no longer functions. You are unable to access the Internet to download an older version of the driver. You need to revert the system to a prior restore point that was taken before the driver was installed.

System Restore

A file you have been working on for several days was corrupted when you shut your Windows 7 system down uncleanly. You want to restore a previous version of the file, overwriting the existing file that has been corrupted.


To protect a Windows 8.1 system, you’ve configured System Restore to automatically protect your system using restore points. Will this adequately protect the user data on the system?

No, you need to enable File History.

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