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Video- sharing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo provide a place to post short videos called clips


You can use Facebook’s Live Feed tool to broadcast content as you post it


To join a social network, you can create an avatar


Social networking sites never allow members to post messages on the pages of other members


You have no control over who views your social networking information


What is the correct order for e-mail process

1. your e-mail program uses your internet connection to send your message to your e-mail server 2. the e-mail server determines the best route for the message and sends it to the first in the series of router along the path 3. the router sends the message to the recipient’s e-mail server 4. the e-mail server stores the message into the recipient’s mailbox 5. the recipient checks for messages, and the e-mail transfers the message to his or her e-mail program


an audio file distributed through downloads or feeds


a collaborative Web site that people use to communicate with each other


an informal Web site of time-stamped articles written in a journal format


if you are sending an e-mail message from your laptop to a classmate, the laptop is the _______

social network

a Web site where members share interests, ideas, and information


a post to mircoblog such as Twitter


a web page listing journal entries that provide commentary and information, usually about a particular interest


a type of web page that a group of people can comment and make changes to

citizen journalist

members of the public who report on current events


type of communication, such as blogging, where authors and readers do not need to be online at the same time

message board

a ______ or internet forum is an online discussion site where people in a conversation by posting messages


synchronous communication means that everyone who is communicating must be _______ at the same time


a forum temporarily saves messages and often uses a ______ to approve messages before they are posted for others to read


a ______ program used to participate in a newsgroup, is often provided with some e-mail software

real-time messaging

a system that lets people exchange short messages while they are online is called a ________ system

Treat others as you would like to be treated


Consider e-mail as public communication


Read your messages before sending them to evaluate spelling, grammar, and tone


Use all capital letters in messages and comments


Use wording that might seem offensive or argumentative



An email system in which users set up an account through an online service and then access email messages using a Web browser social networking

information about Apple’s social networking technologies

social networking sites other than Facebook

~networks social

Social networks, including synonyms for networks

"social networking sites"

pages about the exact phrase, social networking sites

social netork

pages about social networks, social networking, and a social network

Provide immediate reactions to current and recent events

New Sites

Report facts as they occur

New Sites

Published by professionals for professional audience

Scholarly Sites

provide access to articles and book that analyze events and place them in historical perspective

Scholarly Sites

Include information that’s been written and researches thorougly

Scholarly Sites

general search

engine that searches web pages in its database that contain specific words or phrases

metasearch engine

offers the convenience of searching many sources from one website

online reference

service that connects you with a human librarian

specialty search

engine that provides access to academic information for research

social search tool

finds subjective content, such as comments, reviews, and opinions


a network protocol that defines how to route data across a network

WiMAX or 802.16 standard

A communications standard that allows wireless communications across distances up to 30 miles

Communications software

helps your computer connect to a network and then work with communications standards to manage transmitting and receiving data.

What is maximum speed for 802.11ac?

1 gigabit per second

email server

The main computer in an email system, which routes messages through the Internet or a private network

email client

An email program you use to send and receive email messages

What information is revealed about an owner through their email?

can reveal their name

What are the parts of an email?

User ID "At" symbol Domain name

What are examples of synchronous communication?

chat groups, web conferencing, and VoIP

What are examples of asynchronous communication?

email, social networking posts, and text messages

instant messages

or real time messaging

digital communications

transmitting information from one computer or mobile device to another

What are the steps to the communication process?

1. your computer or mobile device is the communication source 2. modem converts the message to electronic signals 3. communications channel such as cable TV line or fiber optic cable transmits the signals 4. receiving device, such as another modem converts the signal into an email message 5. destination device, such as a server accepts the message 6. server repeats the process to send the message to your classmate’s computer or mobile device

What was the first technology for communicating online?


credit line

On a Web page, a line of text near a photo or other reproduced content that states its source and any necessary copyright information

Fair use doctrine

The part of copyright law that allows you to use a sentence or paragraph of text without permission if you include a citation to the original source

Public Domain

Work that you can use freely because it is not subject to copyright; the copyright may have expired or the owner may have explicitly released the work to the public domain


The moral principles that govern people’s behavior; many schools and other organizations post codes of conduct for computer use, which can help you make ethical decisions while using a computer

Word Stem

The base of a word, used in a Web search to broaden a search


In a Web search, a way to narrow a search to include only certain types of results, such as images or news, or pages posted in a certain date range, such as within the last 24 hours. In a database, a feature that selects a subset of records containing criteria you specify

Restricted Sites

A Web site that requires a subscription or other type of membership; many library sites are restricted


A search term entered into a search engine to obtain results. In a database, a database object used to specify criteria that extract data based on criteria that the query creator specifies. Criteria are conditions for a field

CARs Checklist

In evaluating a Web source, use this checklist to make sure that a source is Credible, Accurate, Reasonable, and has Support (including citations, quotations, and credit lines).

What is another name for the deep web?

the hidden web or invisible web

What should you use to stay informed about major events?

Television, radio, and other media print newspaper and news apps

What sites would you use to verify facts? and

What are the different types of citation styles?

MLA, APA, and Chicago

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