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The first American Political parties emerged from the conflict between

C. small farmers and states’ rights advocates, and those favoring commercial and wealthy interests.

The issue of slavery gave birth to the _____ Party as a major political party.

C. Republican

The Democratic Party’s long-time regional stronghold, "the Solid South," stemmed from a realignment during which historical period?

A. Great Deperesion

The MOST obvious sign of the party realignment of recent decades has been the strong tendency of

A. the South to vote Republican

The major emerging voting blocs are

B. Hispanics and young people.

It is relatively rare for a party nominee to get less than _____ percent of the partisan vote in a presidential or a congressional race.

D. 80

Which of the following is an indication of strong party loyalty?

C. straight-ticket voting

___________ representation systems are those in which seats in the legislature are allocated according to each political party’s share of the popular vote.

E. Proportional

Which of the following groups is MOST closely aligned with the Democratic Party, voting more than 80 percent Democratic in presidential elections?

D. African Americans

What party has made big gains in recent decades among white fundamentalist Christians, based on its positions on topics like abortion and school prayer?

B. Republican

Which demographic is key to the future of both parties?

A. Hispanic Voters

A candidate for which minor party in 1912 managed to earn more votes than one of his major party opponents?

C. Bull Moose

Which of the following are key players in the modern campaign?

E. All these answers are correct

The main battleground for voters is

D. television

______________ is based on judgment about the past performance of an elected official or political party.

B. Retrospective voting

Which one was NOT a major political party?

D. Grassroots

Which of the following is most likely to vote for the Republican Party?

D. Men

Which type of primary election is used by the most states?

C. Partially Open

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