Chapter 8 Part 2 Practice Questions

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Which component within a tablet device measures acceleration horizontally and vertically at the same time?


Which mobile device architecture is used by Apple iPad devices running the iOS operating system?


Which feature allows a tablet to recognize multiple finger touches at the same time?


You just purchased an iPad tablet device. You want to synchronize your photos, music, email, and contacts from your Windows 7 PC to the device. How can you connect the device to the PC? (Select two.)

USB cable Wi-Fi wireless connection

Which type of mobile devices are fitness tracker wrist bands, smartwatches, smartglasses, and virtual reality headsets?

Wearable devices

Match the mobile operating systems on the left with the descriptions on the right. Each mobile operating system may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

Closed source and second most popular mobile device operating system – iOS Device manufacturers are countless – Android Open source and most popular mobile device operating system – Android Device manufacturers include Microsoft, Samsung, and HTC – Windows Devices solely designed and developed by Apple – iOS Closed source and second least popular mobile device operating system – Windows

Mobile devices can connect to the Internet and to other devices using a variety of connection types.

A physical location where you can obtain wireless Internet access using a WLAN – Hotspot A connector used to emulate cryptographic smart card functionalities – NFC Provides mobile devices with access to network resources and software applications on their home network when they connect using other wireless or wired networks. – Mobile VPN Allows you to share the Internet connection of a phone with a laptop. – Tethering A wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. – Bluetooth

Which of the following protocols can be enabled so email is encrypted on a mobile device?


Which of the following is a mobile technology that can be used to store and transmit encrypted information for purposes such as making payments from a mobile device?

NFC chips

You have subscribed to a cloud-based service to synchronize data between your mobile device and your PC. Before allowing the data to be synchronized, this service uses a process where the cloud service and the client on the mobile device verify each other’s security certificates.

What is this process called?

Mutual authentication

You currently use the Exchange email client on your desktop PC. You use it to connect to an email server provided by a service provider using the IMAP and SMTP protocols. You recently purchased an iPad and want to configure its Mail app to connect to your e-mail server. Can you do this?

Yes, you can configure the mail app on an iPad to connect to an email server using the IMAP and SMTP protocols.

Which of the following are steps you can take to avoid having your mobile device exploited by a hacker or infected by a virus? (Select all that apply.)

-Lock the screen with some form of authentication. -Keep the operating system up to date.

Which of the following will improve the security of sensitive information on your device if it is lost or stolen? (Select all that apply.)

-A screen lock. -Locator applications. -Remote wipe.

Applications for mobile devices fall into two categories; some have been reviewed, approved, and signed with a certificate by the app service while some have not.
What category do apps fall into if they have been signed with a certificate?

What category do apps fall into if they have not been reviewed, approved, and signed with a certificate?

Trusted Untrusted

You have an executive user who keeps sensitive information about the company on a company-owned mobile device. You want to be prepared to keep company information secure if he loses this device or if it gets stolen.

Which of the following solutions should you use? (Select all that apply.)

-Mobile device management software that performs remote wipes. -Mobile device management software that does full device encryption.

What type of authentication would require a user fingerprint or face recognition to get past the screen lock on a mobile device and get access to the device?

biometric authentication

You use productivity apps on your iPad tablet device while traveling between client sites. You’re concerned that you may lose your iPad while on the road and want to protect the data stored on it from being compromised. Currently, your iPad uses a 4-digit PIN number for a passcode. You want to use a more complex alpha-numeric passcode. You also want all data on the device to be erased if the wrong passcode is entered more than 10 consecutive times. What should you do? (select two)

1) Enable the Erase Data option 2) Disable the Simple Passcode Option

A company executive has just bought a new Android mobile device. She wants you to help her make sure it is protected from malware threats.

What options are available and important to use to protect Android devices? (Select two.)

-App reviews and ratings will help you choose an effective anti-virus app -Anti-virus apps are available for purchase from Android app stores

Why is it important to have your mobile device charger plugged in while it is receiving an operating system update?

If the battery dies during the update, the operating system could become corrupted.

What is the surest way to prevent the loss of important information on your mobile device if it is lost, stolen, destroyed, or there is a natural disaster?

Configure your device to remotely backup important data to the Cloud.

You are updating the operating system on your iPad. Your iPad is connected to your computer and you are using iTunes to install the update. What would happen to your iPad if you disconnect it before the operating system update is complete?

If you disconnect during the update, the operating system could become corrupted.

Your iPad is configured to do remote backups everyday to iCloud. What conditions are required for the iCloud backup to take place. (Select three?)

-The iPad has to have an Internet connection. -The iPad has to be plugged into a power source. -The iPad screen has to be locked.

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