Chapter 8 criminal justice

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All of the following are considered professionals in the court room work group EXCEPT


Following a state bar version of the ABA rules

All of the following discretionary decision always inappropriate EXCEPT

The judge is responsible for present the states case against the defendant

Which of the following statement is false referring the role of the judge in the courtroom work group

The prosecutor

Which work Group member has the responsibility od demonstrating to a jury that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt

Representing the state

The time of a defense attorney does not include (blank)


Criminal defendant who are unable to afford their own lawyer can use all of the following f systems EXCEPT

Determination of the defendant guilt of innocence

What is the primary purpose of any criminal a trial

The bailiff

Who keeps order I the courtroom and announces the judge entry to the courtroom

Factual guilt

Which of the following terms refer to the issue of whether the defendant is actually responsible for the crime of which he or she stands a accused

Public defender programs

The most wide uses system of indigent defense involves

The clerk of court

Who is responsible for summoning members of the public for jury and subpoenaing witness for the prosecution and the defense

An adversarial system

Criminal trials under the America system of justice are built around


All of the following are outsiders of the courtroom work group EXCEPT

Trial initiation, jury selection, opening statement, presentation of evidence, closing arguments the judge charge to the jury, hurry deliberations, the verdict

Which of the following represent the Order of the steps in a Criminal . Trial


The federal speedy trial act allows for the dismissal of charges when the prosecution does not seek indictment within 30 days of arrest or when trial does not begin with (blank) working says after indictment

Challenges for knowledge

Which of the following is NOT a type of juror challenge

Broadcast of civil proceedings

In 1972 the judicial conference of the United States adopted a policy opposing (blank) I. District courts and that policy of was incorporated into the code of conduct for United States

Adversarial system

The (blank) is two sides structure under which Americans criminal trial court operate that pits the prosecution against the defense

Real evidence

Weapons tire tracks and fingerprints are examples of


Which of the following officially notifies witness that they are to appear in court to testify

National judicial college

Which of the following organizations located on the campus of the university of Nevada at Reno provides specialized training to judges

Assigned counsel

Court appointed defense attorneys whose fees are paid at a set rate by local or state government are also calles

Public defender

The (blank) system relies on full time salaries staff

Assigned counsel

Which of the following is NOT another name for a prosecuting attorney

Opening statement, closing statements jury selection

During a trial (blank) stage happens before the (blank) stage after the (blank) stage

Contacting a sequestered jury

Which of the following is an example of jury tampering

Charge or not to charge a person with an offense

The most important from prosecutorial discretion power to

Female minority’s

one study suggests that some prosecutors have an inherent tendency to be lenient toward (blank) defendant but discriminate against (blank) defendants when deciding whether to prosecute

Private attorney

Which of the following terms describes an attorney who works for law firm

She were charged with misdemeanor with maximum penalty of a 100$ fine

A defendant would be entitled to consel if she were too poor to afford attorney j each of the following situations EXCEPT

Employers substantially fewer that needed support staff

A BJS survey found the majority of Both state and country and country based public defender officer

Reasonable doubt standard

What is the single most important criterion for determining the level of proof necessary for conviction in criminal trials


What percentage of state inmates represent themselves at trial

Character witness

Which of the following witness provides information about the personality family life business acumen and so on of the defendant in an effort to show that is not the kind of person who would commit the crime with which he or she is charged

Cross examine witnesses

Which of the following is NOT a responsibly of a bailiff

Court reporter

Who creates a record of all the occurs during the trial

Clerk of court

Who is responsible for swearing k witnesses


A written order issued by a judicial officer requiring an individual to appear in court to give testimony is called


A jury that is isolated from public has been


Juries in most states are composed of how many members

Circumstantial evidence

Evidence that requires interpretation or that requires a judge or jury to reach a conclusion based on what the evidence indicated is called

The discriminatory use of peremptory challenges

The bars on decision laid out the requirements defendants must prove when Seeking to establish


How many states allow the use of videotaped testimony for child witnesses


The intentional making of a false stamens as part of the testimony by a sworn witness I. A judicial proceeding is called

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