Chapter 7 News Media

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Which of the following news sources reaches the most Americans?


Brief quotes and short characterizations of the day’s events in news coverage are called?

Sound bites

Why do radio stations repeat the news so often throughout the day?

The audience is constantly changing since most people listen to the radio in their cars.

Which group has had great popularity on radio talk shows?


Which media source is most critical in setting news agendas?


Cheap, tabloid-style papers produced in the nineteenth century were collectively referred to as?

The penny press

Google News and Real Clear Politics are good examples of?

News aggregators

Niche journalism refers to?

News reporting targeted for a demographic of readers based on content or ideological presentation.

A website devoted entirely to reporting on climate change and other environmental issues is an example of?

Niche journalism

The decentralization of news refers to?

The decline of national media reporting and the revitalization of local news coverage.

The following are all concerns raised by the growing popularity of online news except?

A reduction in the diversity of perspectives that can potentially be hear.

Most local newspapers get their national news from?

Wire services

What has helped accelerate the trend toward less variety in national news in the past decade?

The corporate consolidation of news media into a small number of conglomerates.

The development of media giants with access to a variety of media holdings raises the question of whether?

There is enough competition among the media to produce a diverse set of views and opinions.

The power of the media to draw public attention to particular issues and problems is called?

Agenda setting

The media can set the political agenda in the United States by?

Identifying an issue as a problem that must be solve.

The most important selection bias in news is?

The audience appeal of a story.

Besides their ideological biases, journalists also exhibit selection biases in favor of news stories they view as?

Having a great deal of dramatic or entertainment value.

The fact that the media referred to the Obama administration’s health care initiative as "reform" instead of as "health care rationing" is an example of the media’s power of?


When media coverage affects the way the public evaluates a political leader in future actions, this effect is called?


During the nineteenth century, newspapers were controlled by?

Political parties

The______ regulates broadcast media?

Federal Communications Commission

The Communications Decency Act was struck down by the Supreme Court because it violated the?

First Amendment’s right to freedom of speech.

If a television station sold commercial time to a Republican candidate for governor, but refused to sell time to the Democratic candidate for governor, this station would be violating the?

Equal time rule

The proliferation of news sources in recent years has?

Encouraged polarization because many media outlets seek to position themselves within a discrete ideological or partisan niche rather than maintain a middle-of-the-road stance.

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