Chapter 7 & 8

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The best definition of a psychoactive drug is a drug that

alters a person’s experiences or consciousness.

What method of administration is typically used with opioids?

all of these

A stimulant

increases blood pressure.

All of the following are characteristics associated with addictive behavior EXCEPT

improved control.

Narcotics is another term for


Which of the following statements is NOT a criteria for substance use disorder?

developing tolerance to the substance

John, who is 14 years old, is somewhat small for his age and is often teased by his classmates. He has recently become involved with a new group that is known to use alcohol and marijuana. What factor has probably had the most influence on John’s decision to become involved with drugs?

desire for peer acceptance

Which of the following would NOT be considered a psychoactive drug?


The physical and social environment surrounding an individual’s drug use is referred to as the


Jane frequently goes to dance clubs and raves with her friends. Which CNS v 5is often used as a "date rape drug" in these environments?


Which of the following statements about addiction is FALSE?

Research suggests that addiction is caused by a single factor.

Bill has just taken ephedrine. He can expect

a decrease in blood pressure

The risks associated with drug use and pregnancy are greatest for women

during the first trimester.

Which of the following statements about addiction is FALSE?

Research suggests that addiction is caused by a single factor.

Steven used to spend only 1 hour in the gym 3 times a week, but recently he has been spending 3 hours a day 7 days a week working out. He has noticed that his back is chronically in pain. Even so, as soon as Steven stops a workout, he starts thinking about what he did not accomplish. This is an example of what type of behavior?


The effects of a drug depend on all of the following EXCEPT

The cost of the drug

The typical primary effects of central nervous system depressants include all of the following EXCEPT


Injecting drugs increases the user’s risk of all of the following EXCEPT


Lindsey has a drug dependence. As a result, she is at risk for

all of these.

Which of the following drugs is an opioid?


Which of the following describes the relationship between gender and alcoholism?

Women tend to become alcoholics later in life than men.

Which of the following can slow the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream?

food in the stomach

Which of the following is associated with cirrhosis?

replacement of liver cells with scar tissue

Cardiovascular benefits from moderate alcohol consumption may be due to

lower heart rate

Through what part of the body is most alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream?

Small intestine

Which of the following BEST describes alcohol use among African Americans?

Black women are less likely to abstain from alcohol than white women.

Janis has been drinking at a party and is starting to feel sleepy. She has also started to have trouble hearing what her friends are saying. Her blood alcohol concentration is most likely


A standard drink contains about _____ ounce(s) of alcohol.


Which of the following BEST describes binge drinking among college students?

It contributes to hundreds of thousands of injuries and assaults each year.

Consuming alcohol causes intoxication because alcohol interferes with


Which of the following are individuals with low blood alcohol concentration MOST likely to experience?

reduction in motor function skills

The most serious withdrawal symptom associated with alcoholism is

delirium tremens.

Which of the following is a good strategy for protecting yourself if you suspect another driver is drunk?

Pull off the road or turn at the nearest intersection.

Which of the following statements BEST describes Alcoholics Anonymous?

It teaches alcoholics to reach within for the power to conquer their addiction.

Which of the following BEST describes alcoholics in the United States?

Many alternate between periods of sobriety and heavy drinking.

Which of the following BEST describes how gender affects the metabolization of alcohol?

Women may metabolize alcohol more slowly at times due to hormonal changes.

Alcohol is metabolized

at a constant rate

Of the following people, who will probably have the highest blood alcohol concentration after consuming three drinks in 1 hour?

a man with high body weight and high percent body fat

Drinking alcohol while taking which of the following medications can increase the risk of stomach bleeding?


Where in the body is most alcohol metabolized?

liver or small intestine

The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome are

both physical and mental impairments.

Which of the following BEST describes alcohol use disorder?

It usually involves physical tolerance and withdrawal.

Which of the following statements describes how the drug Antabuse works?

It causes a person to become ill when alcohol is ingested.

Members of which of the following ethnic groups are MOST likely to become addicted to alcohol?


Dennis’s friend Alicia is heavily intoxicated. Dennis should call 911 if she

doesn’t wake up when he shakes her.

After quitting smoking, approximately how long does it take an ex-smoker’s risk of dying from lung cancer to drop to half that of someone who continues to smoke?

10 years

Which of the following statements about tobacco and addiction is true?

Some researchers believe nicotine is the most physically addictive of all drugs.

Heart disease caused by the deposit of fatty substances in the walls of the arteries is called

high cholesterol.

Which of the following statements regarding drugs and crime is FALSE?

People under the influence of drugs are less likely to commit violent crimes than people who do not use drugs.

Clove cigarettes

contain more tar and nicotine than regular cigarettes.

A chemical that causes cancer only in combination with another chemical is called a


Jose is a chronic user of cocaine. Which of the following negative consequences might he experience?

all of these

Caffeine use

induces sleep

Which of the following is the MOST common single cause of death among smokers?

lung cancer

Which of the following drugs is NOT a hallucinogen?


Consequences of marijuana use as they relate to male fertility include all of the following EXCEPT

increased progesterone levels.

Marijuana use during pregnancy may cause

impaired fetal growth and development.

Smoke that smokers exhale is referred to as _____ smoke.


Perhaps the most well-known medication for drug abuse is


Sudden death from cocaine may result from of all of the following EXCEPT

CNS depression

Which of the following BEST describes the effects of smoking during pregnancy?

Maternal smoking causes hundreds of infant deaths each year

Loss of lung tissue elasticity is characteristic of


Which of the following is an effect of nicotine?

increased heart rate

Which drug is most closely associated with flashbacks?


An ingredient in tobacco smoke that seriously depletes the body’s supply of oxygen is

carbon monoxide

Which of the following BEST describes the process of quitting tobacco?

Most smokers attempt to quit several times before they finally succeed.

Which statement about PCP is TRUE?

It is easy to make and therefore inexpensive.

Possible effects of excessive or long-term use of inhalants include all of the following, EXCEPT

damage to the reproductive system

Which of the following BEST describes spit tobacco?

It causes leukoplakia and gingivitis.

Cocaine is rarely taken by


On average, how many minutes can a regular user of tobacco go between doses of nicotine before experiencing negative effects?


Women who use amphetamines during pregnancy risk

all of these

To increase the chance for success when attempting to quit smoking, you should

tell your family and friends you want support.

Under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, the FDA has the power to

create content standards for tobacco products

Cocaine is derived from

the coca plant

All of the following are potential effects of cocaine use during pregnancy EXCEPT

increased birth weight

The primary reason people continue to use tobacco despite the health risks is

nicotine addiction.

Geri has quit smoking. Which of the following changes can she expect to occur first?

improvement in sense of taste

Which of the following is a good way to quit smoking?

Chew sugarless gum or healthy snacks.

"Ice" is a(n)


The cocaine "high" lasts for

5-20 minutes

A heart attack caused by plaque that completely blocks a coronary artery is called

a myocardial infarction.

The primary effects of environmental tobacco smoke on children are

related to the respiratory system

Most of the symptoms of physical dependence on tobacco pass in

2 to 3 days

Breathable chemical vapors produced by substances such as aerosol sprays are called


Which of the following statements BEST describes teenagers who smoke?

Some will develop dependence after a few cigarettes.

Which of the following is an example of codependent behavior?

Susan called her boyfriend’s boss to say he was sick and couldn’t come into work; in truth, he was hung over

Effects of marijuana include

dilation of blood vessels in the eyes.

Which of the following best describes the phenomenon known as state dependence?

It is a situation whereby information learned in a drug-induced state is difficult to recall when the drug wears off.

The most widely used illegal drug in the United States is


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