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Which type of cartilage is NOT properly matched with its function?

skeletal cartilage; reinforce airways

When chondrocytes in lacunae divide and form new matrix, it leads to an expansion of the cartilage tissue from within. This process is called __________.

interstitial growth

The main role of the axial skeleton is to protect and support vital organs. Is this statement true or false?


Which pairing is NOT correct?

axial skeleton; bones of the limbs

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Long bones include all limb bones except the patella.

Bones do NOT have a role in __________.

glycogen production

Which of the following cells are NOT matched with its appropriate function?

osteocytes; produce new bone cells.

Which of the following is a site for a muscle or ligament attachment?


The collagen in the osteoid bone matrix makes the overall bone matrix stronger by allowing flexibility. Is this statement true or false?


Osteoblasts __________.

form new bone

Which description of bone cells is INCORRECT?

Osteogenic cells can differentiate into osteoclasts.

Which event has to proceed all others during endochondral ossification?

A cartilage model is formed.

Which statement is NOT true about the osteon?

The osteon absorbs stress in all directions equally

Flat bones consist of spongy bone sandwiched between compact bone. Is this statement true or false?


Which of the following statements is true?

After 21, most people will not experience longitudinal growth of bones.

Which of the following statements is true?

Endochondral ossification converts hyaline cartilage "bone" models into true bones (i.e., hyaline cartilage serves as a template for bone formation).

What is the weakest part of a developing, adolescent long bone?

the epiphyseal plate

During infancy and childhood, the most important stimulus of epiphyseal plate activity is __________.

growth hormone

Which hormone is NOT matched with its appropriate function?

calcitonin; increases blood calcium levels

Which of the following is UNLIKELY to affect bone remodeling?


Which of the following are correctly matched?

compound fracture; the fractured bone ends penetrate the skin

The correct order (from start to finish) of fracture repair is __________.

hematoma formation, soft callus formation, bony callus formation, and bone remodeling

Which of the following pairings is correct?

Paget’s disease; excessive and haphazard bone deposition and resorption

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