chapter 6 pearson

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Amino acids are bound together by an amino acid bond to form long chains.


The side chain of an amino acid differentiates one amino acid from another.


Which of the following amino acids are considered essential?

lysine, methionine, and threonine

Amino acids found in the amino acid pool __________.

can be used for protein synthesis

Chemical digestion of protein begins in the mouth with enzymes found in the saliva.


What is denaturation?

the uncoiling of the protein molecule by hydrochloric acid in the stomach

What secretions are needed to digest complex proteins into single amino acids for absorption?

saliva from the salivary glands in the mouth hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach proteases secreted from the pancreas and the small intestine All of these answers are correct.

The digestion of polypeptides begins in the mouth with the enzyme pepsin.


Which of the following statements regarding protein absorption is TRUE?

Protein is absorbed by active transport.

Which of the following foods would have the lowest amount of protein per serving?


Which of the following plant foods have the highest quality of protein?


Which of the following foods provides a moderate amount of protein per serving?


Which of the following foods would provide the highest quality protein in the smallest portion size?

chicken breast

Which of the following is true about the quality of protein?

Proteins from foods of animal origin are generally high-quality proteins.

There are _____ unique amino acids in the human body.


Which of the following actions or activities will not cause a protein’s structure to break down?

Gently stirring.

Calories from eating excess protein are __________.

stored as fat

An individual’s protein intake is estimated to be adequate based on __________.

a nitrogen-balance procedure

Protein should make up between _________ of the day’s total calories.


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