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49. Which of the following is not a process commonly considered in making products or delivering services?


50. The type of processing system which is used for highly standardized products is:


51. Cellular layout is a term associated with:

part families

52. The substitution of machinery that has sensing and control devices for human labor is best described by the term:


53. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) refers to the use of computers in:

process control

54. A group of machines including supervisory computer control, automatic material handling, and possibly robots is called:

a flexible manufacturing system

55. In which type of operations are you likely to see, at most, only minor variations in the product or service being produced using the same process and the same equipment?

repetitive production

56. The process of assigning tasks to workstations in such a way that the workstations have approximately equal time requirements is called:

line balancing

57. An operations strategy for process selection should recognize that:

flexibility is not always the best choice

58. Layout planning is required because of:

2 Accidents or safety hazards,3New products or services ,4 Morale problems

59. The advantages of automation include:

1 Reduced output variability,2 Reduced variable costs,3 Machines don’t strike or file grievances.

60. The benefits of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) include:

significantly lower unit costs

61. Which type of processing system tends to produce the most product variety?


62. In which type of processing system would gasoline be produced from crude oil?


63. Which of the following is not a characteristic of layout decisions in system design?

usually well-received by operative personnel

64. An example of automated services is

on-line banking

65. Which one of the following is not common to product layouts?

ability to adjust to changes in demand

66. Which one of the following is not considered an important factor in service layout design?

cost minimization and product flow

67. The type of layout which features departments or other functional groupings in which similar activities are performed is:


68. Which of the following is not true about process layouts when they are compared to product layouts?

lower unit costs

69. The type of layout in which workers, materials, and equipment are moved to the product as needed is:


70. The grouping of equipment by the operations needed to perform similar work for part families is:

cellular manufacturing layout

71. Which term is most closely associated with cellular manufacturing?

part families

72. Laser technology used in surgical procedures is an example of technological advances in:


73. Product profiling links key product or service requirements to:

process capabilities

74. Layout design has many objectives, one of which is _______.

use workers and space efficiently

75. Which phrase most closely describes flexible manufacturing systems?

a more fully automated version of cellular manufacuring

76. A service organization (for example, a hospital) is likely to use a ________ layout because of variability in customer processing requirements.


77. In a product layout, the task of deciding how to assign work to specific stations is referred to as:

line balancing

78. The minimum possible cycle time in a product layout is determined by the:

longest task time

79. A production line is to be designed for a job with three tasks. The task times are 0.4 minutes, 1.2 minutes, and 0.5 minutes. The maximum cycle time in minutes is:


80. A production line is to be designed for a job with three tasks. The task times are 0.3 minutes, 1.4 minutes, and 0.7 minutes. The minimum cycle time in minutes, is:


81. Daily capacity of a product layout is determined by:

operating time divided by cycle time

82. The maximum allowable cycle time is computed as:

daily operating time divided by the desired output

83. If a line is balanced with 80 percent efficiency, the "balance delay" would be:

20 percent

84. The main issue in the design of process layouts for service operations concerns the relative positioning of:


85. Which of the following is not an information requirement for the design of a process layout?

a list of product cycle times for every product manufactured

86. Which of the following is not an approach that companies use to achieve a smooth flow of production?

Companies use all of these.

87. A common goal in designing process layouts is:

minimizing transportation costs

88. In the use of closeness ratings for process layouts, the code "U" means the closeness between two departments is:


89. Which closeness rating reflects the undesirability of having two departments located near each other?


90. Which closeness rating reflects the highest importance for two departments being close to each other?


91. Which closeness rating reflects indifference on the nearness or lack of nearness of two departments?


92. Heuristic rules are used primarily in which of these types of layouts?

1 product,2 process

93. Heuristic rules are usually applied when:

a problem has a large number of alternatives

94. An advantage of a U-shaped production line is that it:

all of the above

95. Which of these items would be most likely to be made with a fixed position layout?

a boeing 777 jet aircraft

96. A product focused, single piece flow, pull production system would be called a:

cellular layout

97. Which one of these is a tool used to tell a machine the details of the operations to be performed?


98. Which of the following is a primary concern for process selection?

all of the above

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