Chapter 6 Multiple Choice

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if you want the federal government to help small farmers avert bankrupcy, restrict the number of japanese imports and allow school prayer according to the text youd be considered a…


according to patterson, which group is the most powerful religious force in contemporary american politics?

the religious right

political socialization occurs when…

political values are passed to the next generation

cross-cutting cleavages tend to have which of the following effects on public opinion?

it tends to moderate public opinions

which is true of most conservatives in american politics?

they favor free-market solutions to problems rather than looking to the government for regulating business

public opinion is best defined as

the politically relevant opinions of citizens that are expressed openly

public opinion polls are considered to be valid when

the poll conducted has a sampling error of less than 4 percent

a libertarian is a person who generally whats government involvement with the economy and blanks -government initiatives concerning social welfare(like banning drugs or giving out welfare)

opposes, opposes

which statement about americans’ ideological thinking is correct?

people often express opinions at odds with the ideological label they attach to themselves

men and women tend to differ most on the government policy regarding


a pollster who conducts a poll by conducting voluntary interviews is in jeopardy of collecting inaccurate data because of

failure to take into account random samples in the interview

the increase in distrust toward our government has been a factor in

the decrease in voter turnout the past 40 years

which is a major factor in shaping both the political outlook and socialization of most people

the family

samples of public opinion today are usually selected through

random digit dialing

public officials increasingly rely on what to assess public opinon


according to traditionalists such as robert nisbet, real public opinion includes

only the stable and deep seated beliefs of people

george gallup, the founder of the public opinion polling industry in the us, argued that public officials

must be close in touch with public opinion if they are to serve the poeples true interests

public opinion is ordinarily used in reference to the whole society. this perspective is

less accurate than the idea that americans form many opinions, which differ greatly in such things as the level of attention they pay to politics

sources of polling error include all of the following except

a randomly selected sample

a member of congress who wants to act on what the majority of his or her constituency thinks on a particular issue would be advised to respond to which of the following indicators?

a poll based on a random sample of constituents

the accuracy of a poll is usually expressed in terms of

sampling error

the key factor in determining the mathematical accuracy of an opinion poll is

whether the sample was selected from the population by a random method

How do women and men compare in their suport for the was in iraq?

women are somewhat less inclined to support military force

the process of political learning in the united states is

normally cumulative; political beliefs attained earlier in life tend to be retined to a substantial degree

dramatic change in puclib opinion on basic issues is uncommon and is almost always a consequence of

an extraordinary change in national conditions

the process by which individuals acquire their opinions is called

political socialization

as an agent of political socialization, the american family has its greatest effect on individuals’

party identification

the american political culture affects public opinion primarily by

influencing american views of what is politically desirable and acceptable

a consistent pattern of opinion on particular issues that stems from a basic underlying belief is called

an ideology

most studies on the influence of ideology on public opinion agree that

only a minority of americans understand and apply ideological frames of reference

liberals are correctly described by which of the following statements

favor government activism in area of economic security, strongly suport civil liberties, favor more government spending for the poor

as a reference point for their opinions on particular issues, people are most likely to rely on

a group to which they belong or strongly identify

a conservative is opposed to government intervention in

the economic but not the social sphere

the only presidential election in which the gallup poll erred badly was

1948 truman-dewey

as an influence on americans political opinions, religious differences are

most evident in the context of social policy issues such as school prayer and abortion

about two thirds of adults call themselves in terms of party identification

republican or democrat

in their study of public opinion and policy, benjamin page and robert shapiro concluded that

when public opinion changes, public policy then tends to change in the same direction

when asked questions such as "how proud are you to be an american citizen" what is the typical response by american citizens?

americans of all backgrounds and age levels express a strong attachment to the nation

regarding the fairness of the justice system, the opinions of african americans when compared to white americans demonstrate that

white americans consider the system to be more fair than do african americans

which region of the nation has the highest concentration of citizens who consider themselves to be liberals?

the northeast

whats true: a. democrats tend to favor affirmative action more than republicans
b. republicans tend to favor tighter controls on gun ownerhip more so than democrats
c. republicans tend to oppose school wouchers more so than democrats
d. democrats tend to favor tax cuts for the wealthy more so than republicans


all are ideologies except:


all of the following are a means of judging public opinion except

paying taxes

the fact that americans want more government services but also want tax reduction shows that opinions are frequently


about what percent of americans identify themselves as independents


women are less likely than men to favor

the use of force to settle international disputes

as a concept or force in american politics, pubilc opinion is all of the following except


in general, public opinion

sets broad limits on government action

a political scientist would assert that an individual who supports military spending and a strong national defense policy would have a strongly defined

political ideology

which of the following ideological types favor government activism in the economic realm

liberals and populists

the most powerful religious force in contemporary american society is the

religious right

elizabeth noelle neumanns spiral of silence theory contends that

most individuals are relluctant to speak out against dominant opinion

the accuracy of a poll is usually expressed in terms of sampling error. therefore the larger the sample

the smaller the sampling error

all of the following is true about public opinion polling except

after the 2000 election, polls have been banned from national elections

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