Chapter 6 Lipids

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Alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid are classified as _________ fatty acids.


which is correct regarding trans fatty acids

They raise LDL and lower HDL cholesterol

Which of the following correctly characterizes lipids?

They do not dissolve in water.

The main difference between fats and oils is that fats are ________.

solid at room temperature

In what form is most body fat stored?


Lipids with high saturated fatty acid content are ____________ at room temperature.


The chief contributors of saturated fatty acids in the U.S. diet include ________.

animal products

Saturated fatty acids predominate in which of the following lipids?


Monounsaturated fatty acids ________.

are liquid at room temperature have one double bond in the fatty acid chain lower cholesterol ANS: All of these are correct

Which of the following fats and oils provides the most polyunsaturated fatty acids?

soybean oil

Which essential fatty acid is responsible for lowering the risk of coronary heart disease?


Cholesterol is ________.

an important part of human cell membranes and is necessary to make some hormones

In the Mediterranean Diet, the majority of fat in the diet is supplied by ________.

olive oil and olives

Fat digestion begins in the ________.


Lingual lipase breaks down ________.


Which lipoprotein is responsible for transporting cholesterol from the liver to tissues?

low density lipoprotein (LDL)

High levels of ______ in the blood are associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


Which of the following lipoproteins contains the highest proportion of protein?


Lipoprotein lipase functions to ________.

break down triglycerides from lipoproteins for transfer into cells

High-density lipoproteins function in lipid transport by ________.

picking up cholesterol from dying cells and other sources for delivery to other lipoproteins and the liver for disposal

Immediately after a meal, newly digested and absorbed dietary fats appear in the lymph, and then the blood, as a part of which of the following?


Excessive intakes of saturated fatty acids tend to ________.

increase cholesterol deposited in arteries

Which of the following blood levels of LDL cholesterol would increase risk for cardiovascular disease?

over 160 mg/dl

A diet designed to reduce elevated serum LDL cholesterol levels ________.

is low in saturated fats is reduced in dietary cholesterol provides adequate amounts of soluble fiber ANS: All of these are correct.

Trans fatty acids are now considered more atherogenic than saturated fatty acids because they ________.

elevate LDL levels, while decreasing HDL

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