Chapter 6 Computers

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Which type of software must include the source code, which allows programers to modify and improve the software?

Open Source

Chrome OS is an example of a ____ Because it depends substantially on processing and storage provided by cloud-based servers.

Thing Client

A feature called ____ Determines how your text flows from line to line by automatically moving words down to the next line as you reach the right margin.

Word Wrap

Whar are the main software categories?

System, Development, and application

Which of the following is not a file-naming convention?

Spaces are not allowed

A new version or edition of a software product is referred to as a software ____.


Which one of the following types of operating systems would most likely be found on a laptop computer?

Desktop operating system

When saving a file, you must provide a valid file name that adheres to specific rules, referred to as _____.

File-naming conventions

The iOS operating system is found on which device?


Which OS is installed on more than 80% of the world’s personal computer?

Microsoft Windows

Word Processing software is likely to include which of the following features?

Search and replace, Readability formula

Whih of the following is a process for installing software on a PC?
A. Scan the hard drive for registry errors
B. Defragment the hard Drive
C. Add the device to the network
D. None of the above

None of the above

In spreadsheet software, the _____ Features ensures that the results in every cell are accurate for the information currently entered in the worksheet.

Automatic recalculation

____ Software may be freely copied, distributed and even resold.

Public Domain

Which category of software would programming languages fall into?

Development software

In a spreadsheet worksheet, a(n) _____ works behind the scenes to tell the microprocessor how to use the contents of cells in calculations


The difference between a web app and mobile app is that the program code for web apps ____, Whereas mobile apps are stored on the handheld device, so they ahve to be ______.

Arrives only when you use the app; downloaded and installed.

A _____ Is generally priced at a flat rate and allows software to be used on all computers at a specific location.

Site License

Which of the following is a file management utility?

Finder, File explorer

Operating systems provide file organization tools called _____.

File Management utilities

Which of the following list are an example of productivity software?

Microsoft office Google Docs iWork

Software for PC’s contains a ____ Program that guides you through the installation process.


Which of the following feature is unique to OS X?

Resource Fork

Which of the following would not be considered an operating system resource?

RAM, CPU, Storage

Magnetic and optical media are divided into circular _____ and then further divided into pie-shaped _____.

Tracks, Sectors

Which of the following operating systems is found on Macintosh desktop and laptop computers?


Which of the following would be considered essential software for both laptop computers and a tablet computer?


A _____ app is designed for a handheld device, such as a smartphone, tablet computer, or enhanced media player.


An operating system’s _____ Capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units.


The main directory on a storage device is referred to as the _____ Directory.


Two of the most common open source and free software licenses are _____.


In a spreadsheet worksheet, each cell in a grid can contain a value, label, or formula.


Most handheld devices can use either web apps or mobile apps but not both.


Most commercial software is distributed under a single-user license that limits use to one person at a time.


Like books and movies, software is a type of intellectual property.


Web apps are examples of cloud computing.


Every peripheral device connected to a computer is regarded as an imput or output resource.


Every peripheral device connected to a computer is regarded as an imput or output resource.


On an android device, a third-party file manager utility is required to manipulate files.


Most web apps require installation on your local computer or handheld device.


Portable software does not require installation.


If you want to run third-party apps on your android device, you need to jailbreak it.


The main weakness of OS X is lack of security


Mobile devices tend to be populated by entertainment apps, games, and socail media services.


Macs do not use drive letters, and the main hard disk is called Macintosh HD.


Partitions are created, modified, and deleted using filezilla on Macs and Disk Partitioner on PC’s.


All Smartphones use the android operating system.


A local application is installed on a computer’s hard disk.


The term service pack usually applies to operating system updates.


Although there are online sources for software, most consumers obtain software offline.


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