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A large computer company provides well being seminars free to its employees and provides them with a fitness facility to encourage physical and mental health. The company hopes this will create a satisfying work environment. Which managerial function does this involve?

one to two years

A timeline for a strategic plan can be as long as 10 years. However, the timeline for a strategic plan for a company is generally

top management

For a total quality management program to be effective, it must be treated as a top priority by


Harrington Golf Co. states that it will double its employee staff and decrease its advertising budget by 25 percent in order to keep up with its high customer demand. This is part of its __________ plan.


Shane does not specialize in a particular function; instead, he provides overall guidance and leadership for the company. Shane is an administrative or ______ manager.

Decision making

_________ is the process of developing a set of possible alternative solutions an choosing one alternative from among that set.

strategic plan

The broadest set of plans developed as a guide for major policy setting and decision making is called a(n)


Specific statements detailing what the organization intends to accomplish over a short period of time are called


Grouping resources and activities to efficiently and effectively accomplish a result is called


The ________ leadership style tends to take initiative and be visionary.


A SWOT analysis is an identification and evaluation of a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, ______, and threats.


Saul Marsiana is the office manager at Beltry, James, and Gwyn Associates. It would be accurate to say that Saul is a(n) _____ manager.

Identifying the problem

When looking at the company’s sales figures, Marta sees that her salespeople have not achieved high sales in Japan. She is at what stage in the managerial decision-making process?


A plan that outlines alternative courses of action is called a(n) _____ plan.


A manager with ______ skills has the ability to deal effectively with people inside and outside the organization.


As an upper-level manager for Microsoft, Rodney is one of many people responsible for allocating organizational resources in order to achieve the key goals of the company. Specifically, Rodney is in charge of collecting and analyzing data on consumer preferences in personal computer design and technology and is thus responsible for what general type of resources?


The process of evaluating and regulating ongoing activities to ensure that goals are achieved is known as


Common job titles associated with __________ management include president, vice president, and chief executive officer.


An organization’s most important resource is its ______ resources.

total quality management

The coordination of efforts directed at improving customer satisfaction, increasing employee participation, improving supplier partnerships, and facilitating an organizational atmosphere of continuous quality improvement is known as

Displaying genuine compassion`

Which of the following is not considered a communication skill that may be essential in management success?

core competencies

McDonald’s prides itself on its efficiency and value in delivering a product in a very short time. These characteristics can best be defined as McDonald’s


A certain chicken company decides that it will become the market leader in the poultry business in five years with a 40 percent share of the market. This statement would be classified as a(n)

start the problem identification process all over again

In the last stage of the decision-making process, managers may decide to


A manager who coordinates the activities of operating employees is a(n) _________ manager.


A positive problem may be viewed as a(n)


__________ resources are used to meet obligations to investors and creditors.

tactical plan

A(n) _____ is a smaller-scale plan developed to implement a strategy.


Shyana has formal power in the Coffee Lovers, Ltd. organization while Sam has informal power. One of the primary differences between Shyana and Sam is that Shyana has ______ within the organizations while Sam does not.

formal; informal

Committees and task forces represent _________ groups within an organization, whereas employee bowling teams and gatherings represent _______ groups.


When you encounter an organization where employees are quite intense, focused, and determined to win, you have encountered an organization is a(n) _______ culture.


__________ culture is represented by friendship, commitment, and high focus on performance.

medium and large size

A line-and-staff structure tends to work best for ______ organizations.

cross-functional team

Sherry, a sales representative, is placed in a group with an engineer from operations, a human resource specialist, and a financial manager to develop new uses for one of the company’s existing products in order to increase sales. This group is a

wide span of control

A manager with many subordinates is said to have a

delegation of authority

The degree of centralization of an organization is based on the

ad hoc committee

A committee was organized at Xerox to study the company’s hiring, promotion, and compensation policies. The group will review corporate procedures in these areas for the next six months and disband thereafter. This type of committee is referred to as a(n)

job specialization

In a furniture factory, one worker cuts the wood according to the design, another glues the furniture together, and another stains and finishes the furniture. This is an example of


Refer to Boss Queen, Inc. It seems that BQI managers could be considered all of the following except

manager and his or her subordinates are very competent

A consulting manager at SAP America has a very wide span of control. This is probably because the

ad hoc committee

A committee created for a specific short-term purpose is called a(n)


When a functional structure is combined with a project structure, the resulting structure is called a(n) ________ structure.


Cory is at the top of her company’s organization chart. Which of the following is most likely to be her job title?

few new problems are expected.

All of the following are reasons for a narrow span f management except


Legal services and public affairs are _____ types of jobs, so they do not fit directly into the chain of command.

chain of command

Distinguishing between positions with direct authority ad those that are support positions establishes an organization’s

organizational height

The number of layers in the organizational structure of Dayton Hudson Corporation indicates the company’s


Amy, an administrative assistant in the business division of a university, is assigned the responsibility of serving the needs of the division’s professors. However, Amy often reads books and looks at catalogs during working hours because she has plenty of free time. It appears that the professors in the division have failed to

inner rites, rituals, heroes, and values of a firm

A corporate culture is generally defined as the

the span of management

The number of workers who report directly to one manager is called

obligation to see that tasks are completed

As a new manager for Walmart, Peter is unwilling to delegate work He realizes that, although he can delegate assignments to others, he cannot delegate his


A basic difference between line managers and staff managers is that line managers have _______ which staff managers rarely have.

tall, flat

Generally speaking, a narrow span of management implies that the height of the organization will be ________; a wide span of management implies that the height of the organization will be _______.


The Morgan Company, a small furniture manufacturer, divides its organization into marketing, human resources, accounting, and production departments. This is an example of departmentalization by

a short chain of command

A locally owned and operated bakery with just one location is likely to have


If a new company desires to departmentalize in a way that will simplify supervision and facilitate coordination, it will most likely departmentalize by

job rotation

Employees at a chemical factory are systematically moved every two weeks among three different departments in the organization. This is called


If First National Bank were to assign one of its bank tellers to business merchants and two others to individual accounts, it would be departmentalizing on the basis of

Managers delegate accountability

Which of the following statements about accountability is false?

is easier to train new employees

A benefit of job specialization is that it

narrow span of control

A manager with few subordinates is said to have a


Dana is assigned to create a training program for newly hired mortgage loan officers. She has the _____ to complete the assignment.

a narrow span of control

Zyquilla is a manager in an organization where a great deal of interaction is required between herself and her workers and new problems arise frequently. Zyquilla is likely to have


Galvin Corporation provides institutional food facilities with bread and other baked goods. The company does not actually produce or market the bread, and it has very few employees, most of whom are top executives or clerical workers. Galvin Corporation has a ______ organizational structure.


Jason assigns responsibility to a subordinate for preparing a sales presentation for an important potential client and authorizes the necessary expenditures of money and human resources, but he still requires a dress rehearsal to be presented to him before the actual presentation. Jason realizes that accountability cannot be

the more specialized the job, the easier it is to train new employees when an employee quits or is absent.

In a recent task force meeting, the human resources manager gave many reasons why the organization needed some specialization. In so doing, she stated that

Quick decision-making and direct accountability

Which of the following is most characteristic of a line structure in an organization?

few new problems are expected to arise.

A span of control may be wide when


Which of the following is not one of the four basic forms of organizational structure?


Amara is in charge of obtaining the flour, sugar, and other ingredients needed for he employer, Baker’s Café. Amara is in charge of

is unreliable

Abram is excited because he has just signed an agreement to purchase steel frames from a company at an excellent price and of very high quality. Once the contract begins, Abram eagerly awaits the first shipment, but it arrives a month behind the agreed-upon schedule which slows down production at the plant. Abram is furious because he realizes too late that this supplier

quality control

Trey regularly spends an entire working day ensuring that goods and services are produced in accordance with design specifications. Obviously, _______ is important to her company.

flexible manufacturing

Deere and Company, the maker of John Deere tractors, was one of the first firms to combine robotics and computer-integrated manufacturing. By doing this, it achieved more efficiently utilized facilities and greater flexibility in production. The method of production that has given Deere these tremendous improvements in operations is known as

the product life cycle

When VHS VCRs were first introduced, sales were zero. As VCRs stated to catch on, sales began to increase more and more rapidly until they peaked. After the peak, sales fell when DVD players took over that market with VCR sales almost non-existent now. This pattern is

materials requirements planning

A computerized system that integrates production planning and inventory control is called


If a good or service satisfies a human need, it has

design planning

Purina has a new product idea to create a cat food that will give cats more energy and allow them to live longer, more pleasurable lives. Management appoints a team to convert this cat food idea into an actual product. This process is called


The American economy is now characterized as a(n) ____ economy.

give away some of the products to selected customers

All of the following options are available to a firm when capacity exceeds demand except to

PERT chart

Clarence Durham is responsible for the production scheduling of the spark plug division of Ace Manufacturing. In developing the schedule, Clarence first identifies all the major activities involved in production and the events that correspond to the completion of each activity. Clarence will use this information to develop a(n)


When a manufacturer like ExxonMobil refines crude oil, that corporation is using a(n) _______ process.

just-in-time inventory control

Harley-Davidson employs a method of inventory control demanding that suppliers deliver parts and raw materials to Harley’s production facility just as they are needed and in exactly the right amounts. This type of inventory control is known as


ABC has kept with the new technologies. In fact, it has incorporated a new computer system that helps with the development of the company’s products. What type of computer system is ABC using?


A doctor’s office allows thirty minutes for each appointment. After taking a one hour lunch break, the doctor’s office has a(n) ______ of sixteen patients a day if it is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

research and development

Most of the goods and services that we enjoy today can be traced back to an invention or idea that was the result of


Arbach’s responsibility is to ensure that materials used in production are at the right places at the right time. His job involves

advertise and sell the firm’s product

Successful operations managers must be able to do all of the following except

human resources

Abbot Laboratory is embarking on a sophisticated technology that requires special skills. To address this problem, the company has decided to recruit employees with the appropriate skills rather than train the existing employees. This decision affects the work of the _____ manager.

For most businesses, quality costs too much money.

Which of the following statements is false?

decrease productivity

Automation is expected to do all of the following except

done all of the above

In an attempt to regain a competitive edge, U.S. firms have


The number of customers that an Outback Steakhouse can serve at one time is the restaurant’s

Stock-out costs and holding costs

What are the two types of costs associated with inventory?

applied research

A group of design engineers for Ford Motor Company spend two months in the summer in the Arizona desert researching fuel performance at extreme temperatures. Ford uses the results of these tests to improve the quality of its automobiles. This group of engineers is engaging in


When Black & Decker manufactures its wide array of tools, it is using a(n) ________ process.


Jennifer is a manager in a circuit manufacturing plant. A portion of the production process is extremely tedious and repetitive and employees tend to become bored and careless when performing this task. What alternatives should make this process easier


All of the activities involved in obtaining required materials, supplies and parts from other firms are called

customer preferences

In deciding on a product line, managers should balance _______ and product requirements.

extend the product life cycle

Product extension and refinement

critical path

The _____ is the sequence of production activities that takes the longest time from the beginning until completion.

unpredictability o Wall Street

All of the following are reasons for a greater focus on quality by U.S. firms except

human resources

Managers charged with managing the organization’s formal human resources program are ______ managers.

selecting an alternative

Managers should avoid satisfying in the ______ stage of the managerial decision-making process.


Brenda Simpson is in charge of designing the production layout for a new Saturn plant and also in charge of converting materials into products at the plant. Brenda is a(n) _______ manager.


The process of influencing people to wok toward a common goal is

Customer satisfaction

As Shelly Toure, manager of the downtown Portland Sears store, hands out customer questionnaires to get a better idea of customers’ needs as well as their concerns, she is exercising which facet of total quality management (TQM)?


A manager who has the ability to see the big picture of an organization and to understand how the various parts of the organization can fit together has _____ skills.


Those who are responsible for facilitating the exchange of products between the organization and its customers or clients are ______ managers.


The leadership style advocating that a leader involve subordinates in most decisions as well as the assignment of tasks is called


Mondell’s lack of effective writing skills and his challenges in speaking to groups of people is causing stress in his job. He is becoming very aware that he needs to improve his _______ skills


Revenues, proceeds from stock sales, and loans from banks are _____ resources for Sears.


A former CEO at International Telephone and Telegraph had a reputation for publicly humiliating subordinates who annoyed or disappointed him. This manager obviously needed to improve his _____ skills.


when the management of a large grocery store heard that Walmart might be coming to town, they developed alternative courses of action they could take if their competitive landscape changed. What type of plan did they develop?


It is important for a manager to understand the ______ of subordinates in order to encourage effective performance.


The group of employees that participate in outside activities on the weekend would be considered a(n) group

organizational height

The number or layers, or levels, in a firm is referred to as the firm’s

span of management

Determining how many subordinates will report to each manager gives an organization its

One with a tall organization height

In which of the following types of organizations would managers have the greatest opportunity for advancement?

product layout

When all products undergo the same operations in the same sequence, a(n) ______ is used.


Susan was given the responsibility for chairing a campus committee. To complete the delegation process, she should be given the _____ to carry out the responsibility.


One’s duty to do a job or perform a task is called

They usually have few responsibilities and therefore little to delegate.

Which of the following does not prevent managers from delegating?


An informal communications network is known as a

Plant layout

______ is the arrangement of machinery, equipment, and personnel within a production facility.

a labor-intensive technology

A situation in which people do most of the work is called

few production processes

An Illinois-based firm crushes materials to make gravel, its only product. The gravel company has

refining its existing product

When Panasonic improves the sound, clarity, and ease of operation offered by its Blu-Ray players, it is


Which of the following products is most likely to require a fixed-position layout?

development and implementation

Research activities undertaken to put new or existing knowledge to use in producing goods and services are called


To determine the proper size for its new restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, operations managers and marketing managers for Buffalo Wild Wings worked together to determine the restaurant’s _________.

market demand

The quantity that customers will demand at the going price is called the

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