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Purchasing software is the same as buying tangible goods, meaning software can be used, altered, loaned to friends, resold, or given away.​

True or False


Because it is so easy to experiment with different numbers, word processing software is particularly useful for what-if analysis.

True or False


Portable software does not require installation.​

True or False


Partitions are created, modified, and deleted using Filezilla on Macs and Disk Partitioner on PCs.​

True or False


There is a universal standard for categorizing software and various categorization schemes have few similarities.​

True or False


​Like books and movies, software is a type of intellectual property.

True or False


In a spreadsheet worksheet, each cell in a grid can contain a value, label, or formula

True or False


Most commercial software is distributed under a single-user license that limits use to one person at a time.​

True or False


A local application is installed on a computer’s hard disk.​

True or False


The term service pack usually applies to operating system updates.​

True or False


Most Web apps require installation on your local computer or handheld device.​

True or False


Every peripheral device connected to a computer is regarded as an input or output resource.​

True or False


Most handheld devices can use either Web apps or mobile apps but not both.​

True or False


Within a single program, multithreading allows multiple commands, or threads, to run simultaneously​

True or False


Paragraph style includes the alignment of text within the margins and the space between each line of text.​

True or False


Many Web apps allow several people to collaborate on projects because the project files are stored on the Web and can be easily shared.​

True or False


Mobile devices tend to be populated by entertainment apps, games, and social media services.

True or False


Every storage device has a directory containing a list of its files.

True or False


Although there are online sources for software, most consumers obtain software offline.​

True or False


A feature called ___________ determines how your text flows from line to line by automatically moving words down to the next line as you reach the right margin.​

A.Search and Replace
B. ​word wrap
​C. readability formula
​D. document formatting

B. word wrap

The difference between a web app and a mobile app is that the program code for Web apps _________, whereas mobile apps are stored on the handheld device, so they have to be ___________.​

A. ​arrives only when you use
the app, downloaded and
​B. is downloaded and installed,
retrieved from the cloud
C. ​is downloaded and
installed, retrieved only
when you use the app
​D. none of the above

A. arrives only when you use the app, downloaded and installed

When saving a file, you must provide a valid file name that adheres to specific rules, referred to as _______________.​

A.​disk partition
B.file path
​C.file-naming conventions
​D.root directory

C.file-naming conventions

Which OS is installed on more than 80% of the World’s personal computers?​

A.Microsoft Windows
​D.Mac OS X

A. Microsoft Windows

Which of the following would be considered essential software for both laptop computers and a tablet computer?​

A.Word processor
​B.VoIP client
​C.Office suite

D. Browser

Word processing software is likely to include which the following features?​

A.​ Search and Replace,
readability formula
B.​ what-if analysis, worksheet
​C. cell references, functions
​D. All of the above

A. Search and Replace, readability formula

Which from the following list are an example of productivity software?

​A.Microsoft Office
​B.Google Docs
​D.All of the above

D. All of the above

Which one of the following types of operating systems would most likely be found on a laptop computer?​

A.desktop operating system
​ operating system
​C.server operating system
​D.multitasking operating

A.desktop operating system

A ___________ app is designed for a handheld device, such as a smartphone, tablet computer, or enhanced media player.​


A ____________ is generally priced at a flat rate and allows software to be used on all computers at a specific location.​

​ license
​B.single-user license
​C.multiple-user license

A. site license

Which type of software must include the source code, which allows programmers to modify and improve the software?

​C.Open source
​D.Public domain

C.Open source

Magnetic and optical media are divided into circular ______ and then further divided into pie-shaped ________.

A.cells, records
​B.sectors, tracks
​C.tracks, sectors
​D.clusters, cells

C. tracks, sectors

The main directory on a storage device is referred to as the ________ directory.​



Two of the most common open source and free software licenses are ___________.​

​B.EULA and VoIP
​D.none of the above


A new version or edition of a software product is referred to as a software ___________.​

​C.service pack
​ patch

A. upgrade

Which of the following feature is unique to OS X?​

A.user interface
​C.resource fork

C.resource fork

An operating system’s ____________ capability supports a division of labor among all the processing units.​

​D.All of the above


Which category of software would programming languages fall into?​

A.System software
​B.Development Software
​C.Application software
​D.All of the above

B.Development Software

In spreadsheet software, the________________ feature ensures that the results in every cell are accurate for the information currently entered in the worksheet.

​A.what-if analysis
​B.automatic recalculation
​C.relative reference
​D.absolute reference

B.automatic recalculation

Which of the following is a process for installing software on a PC?​

​A.Scan the hard drive for
registry errors
​B.Defragment the hard drive
​C.Add the device to the
​D.None of the above

D.None of the above

In a spreadsheet worksheet, a(n) ___________ works behind the scenes to tell the microprocessor how to use the contents of cells in calculations.



Which of the following is not a file-naming convention?​

A.​Avoid using symbols.
​B.Maximum length is 256
​C.Do not use reserved words.
​D.Spaces are not allowed

D.Spaces are not allowed

Which of the following is a file management utility?

B.File Explorer​
​C.Neither of the above
​D.Both A and B

D.Both A and B

What are the main software categories?​

​A.System, Open Source, and
​B.Application, Shareware, and
​C.System, Development, and
​D.Demoware, System,

C.System, Development, and Application

The iOS operating system is found on which device?​

A.Android tablet
C.​Mac Laptop
​D.None of the above

B. iPhone

Which of the following operating systems is found on Macintosh desktop and laptop computers?​

​C.Mac OS


Software for PCs contains a _________ program that guides you through the installation process.​​


D. setup

​__________ software may be freely copied, distributed, and even resold.

A.Proprietary software
B.​Public domain
​C.Commercial software

B. Public domain

Operating systems provide file organization tools called ___________.​

A.Disk Management
B.​file management utilities
​C.Disk Utility
​D.file-naming conventions

B.file management utilities

Which of the following would not be considered an operating system resource?​

​D.All of the above are actually
operating system resources.

D.All of the above are actually operating system resources.

Chrome OS is an example of a _________ because it depends substantially on processing and storage provided by cloud-based servers.

A.thin client
​B.forked license

A.thin client

Similar to a worm, a trojan is not designed to spread itself to other devices.

True or False


The CAN-SPAM Act is considered an effective means of controlling the volume of spam on the Internet.

True or False


The most common types of PUPs and PUAs are toolbars and alternative browsers.

True or False


Spam sent by scammers often uses spoofed email addresses.

True or False


Blacklist and header filtering is usually performed by email clients and Webmail services.

True or False


Android devices automatically encrypt data stored on the device when a user activates the login password.

True or False


Most trojans are not designed to replicate themselves.

True or False


Viruses spread themselves from one device to another.

True or False


Most mass-mailing databases are legitimately compiled from customer lists

True or False


What is the process called when an app from a source other than an official app store is installed on a device?

​C.Code injection


__________ changes an originating address or a destination address to redirect the flow of data between two parties.

A.​Social engineering
​B.IMSI catching
​C.Address spoofing
​D.All of the above

C.Address spoofing

The best defense against malware is _____________.

​C.antivirus software
​D.all of the above

C.antivirus software

A(n) ________________ takes place when an unauthorized person gains access to a digital device by using an Internet connection and exploiting vulnerabilities in hardware or software.

A.address spoofing
​ intrusion
​C.brute force attack
D.​zero-day attack intrusion

A ___________ is malware that arrives in a trojan disguised as legitimate software and sets up a secret communication link to a hacker.



Which of the following is not a characteristic of a computer worm?

​B.usually standalone executable programs
D.​spread through a process called side-loading

D.spread through a process called side-loading

______________ is a deceptive practice that exploits human psychology by inducing victims to interact with a digital device in a way that is not in their best interest.

A.Evil Twin
​B.Address spoofing
C.​Social engineering
D.​None of the above

C.Social engineering

If you feel more secure with a totally random and unique password for each of your logins, then a(n) _______________ is an excellent option.

​B.encryption key
​C.password manager
​D.personal firewall

C.password manager

Which of the following sequence of events best describes an online intrusion?

A.​Malware enters the device, then opens a backdoor,
leading to an open communications link on the device
that a hacker can exploit.
​B.A backdoor is opened on the device locally, which allows
malware to be loaded onto the device by a hacker.
​C.A USB drive containing a trojan is inserted into a device
which opens a backdoor, allowing a hacker access to the
D.None of the above​

A.Malware enters the device, then opens a backdoor, leading to an open communications link on the device that a hacker can exploit

___________ is a service offered by Google that checks URLs against a list of suspicious Web site URLs.

A.Personal Firewall
​B.Safe Browsing
​C.Heuristic Analysis
​D.SmartScreen Filter

B.Safe Browsing

Which of the following is not an example of an authentication protocol?

C.​fingerprint scanner
​D.all of the above

D.all of the above

Spam accounts for approximately ______ of all email.



​Which of the following can be used to block unauthorized access while allowing authorized communications on a device or network? router
​B.personal firewall
​C.hardware that uses a NAT
​D.all of the above

D.all of the above

A virus __________ usually arrives as an email message that contains warnings about a supposedly new virus.



__________ is the process of modifying an executable file or data stream by adding additional commands

​C.Brute force attack
​D.Code injection

D.Code injection

To establish a(n) ________, hackers set up an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot complete with an Internet connection.

B.​Evil Twin
​D.None of the above

B.Evil Twin

Which type of device is the top target for ransomware?

​D.All of the above


MITM attacks include which of the following?

A.Address spoofing
B.​IMSI catchers
​C.Evil Twins
​D.all of the above

D.all of the above

A ______________ exploit usually begins with a virus warning and an offer to disinfect the infected device.

A.rogue antivirus
​B.virus hoax

A.rogue antivirus

Antivirus software can use techniques called__________ to detect malware by analyzing the characteristics and behavior of suspicious files.

A.heuristic analysis
​B.virus signature
​D.port scan

A.heuristic analysis

The current method of encrypting communication between a client and a server depends on a security protocol called _______.



Which of the following would be considered spyware?

A.a keylogger
​B.firewall software
​C.Antivirus software
​D.all of the above

A.a keylogger

A cryptographic __________ is a procedure for encryption or decryption.



When antivirus software detects malware, which of the following would not be a course of action you could take?

A.Conduct a heuristic analysis.
​B.Repair the infection.
​C.Put the infected file into quarantine.
​D.Delete the infected file.

A.Conduct a heuristic analysis.

​If you use a password manager, what do you as the user need to remember?

A.Your passwords for individual sites.
​B.The master password.
​C.Form data including credit card numbers.
​D.All of the above

B.The master password.

____________ is a term for a person who devises and carries out a scam in order to accomplish a goal.

​C.Internet worm
​D.none of the above

D.none of the above

Trojans depend on ________ to spread.

​ engineering
​D.code injection engineering

A(n) __________ pings a packet of data to a port in order to see if that port is open or not.

​B.port scan
​C.virus signature
​D.heuristic analysis

B.port scan

A(n) __________ is a device or software that is designed to block unauthorized access while allowing authorized communications.

​C.Evil Twin
​ certificate


_____________ software shields certain applications against behaviors commonly exhibited by intrusions.

​D.Virus signature


A password manager can store passwords in an encrypted file located at which of the following storage locations?

A.local storage
​ storage
​C.USB storage
​D.all of the above

D.all of the above

A(n) ______________ attack exploits previously unknown vulnerabilities in software applications, hardware, and operating system program code.​
​C.brute force

A computer _________ is a set of self-replicating program instructions that surreptitiously attaches itself to a legitimate executable file on a host device.
​all of the above


Which of the following type of attack uses password-cracking software to generate every possible combination of letters, numerals, and symbols.

​D.brute force

D.brute force

There are various encryption methods, but __________ is the encryption standard currently used worldwide.



Which of the following is not a characteristic of a weak password?

A.Eight characters in length and include one or more
uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
​B.Uses default passwords such as password, admin, system,
and guest.
​C.Any sequence that includes a user name.
​D.Use of words from a dictionary.

A.Eight characters in length and include one or more uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Which of the following is not a type of spam filter?



What is the term used to describe unwanted software that installs along with the application software that you originally downloaded and installed?
​C.Evil Twin


A social engineering scam called ___________ is when a victim is promised a large sum of money in exchange for a bank account number from which a small advance fee is withdrawn.

A.advance fee fraud
​C.address spoofing
​D.Evil Twin

A.advance fee fraud

​Which of the following terms would best match this definition: Transforms a message or data file in such a way that its contents are hidden from unauthorized readers.



_______ can be used to flood a Web site with so much traffic that it can no longer provide its intended service.

​C.Commands from a botmaster
​D.All of the above

D.All of the above

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