Chapter 5- Supporting the Power System and Troubleshooting Computers

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True/False: If you need to recover data off a system that won’t boot, install the drive in a working system.


True/False: If you see smoke or smell burning, you should immediately open the case to try to identify the component that is causing it.


True/False: To move a hard drive to another computer for the purposes of accessing the data, you always need to first physically install it in a drive bay.


True/False: A clicking noise coming from a system could indicate that a hard drive is failing.


True/False: A Molex connector supplies +3.3V, +5V, and -12V voltages

time and date settings lost

What is a typical symptom of a CMOS battery failure?

You must have an Administrator password before you can access the data on the drive

If you are trying to move a hard drive from a non-working computer to a working computer for the purposes of accessing the data on the drive, what must you have?

the power supply whines when you first turn on the system

What is an indication that an inadequate power supply is the source of an intermittent problem?

a short on the motherboard

A missing standoff could create what potential problem?

go into UEFI/BIOS setup and find the temperature monitors for the system

If you suspect your system is overheating, how can you determine the CPU temperature?

remove the covers from empty expansion slots

Which of the following is NOT a solution to an overheating problem? verify that cables are not obstructing airflow; remove the covers from empty expansion slots; be sure the case is not sitting on a carpet; remove dust from the power supply, vents, and cooler fans

all POST tests passed

What does a single beep or no beep imply during the startup of a computer?

the processor has overheated

If you see an error message that reads "Processor thermal trip error", what is the likely problem?

press F8 as Windows starts up

What should you do if the system continually reboots and you can’t read the error message produced on a blue screen?


What component of a motherboard is not considered to be a field replaceable unit?

to see a full POST report

Why might you disable quick booting features in BIOS when you are troubleshooting a problem?


Which of the following protects your computer from brownouts or sags? degaussing; GPU; surge protector; UPS

+/- 5%

When testing a laptop power connector, how close should the voltage measured be to the accepted voltage of the laptop?

an adapter that can use 110V or 220V AC power

What is an auto-switching AC adapter?

a video problem

One long and two short beeps when using an Award BIOS is an indication of what issue?

keyboard controller problem

Three long beeps during the POST sequence in an Intel BIOS are an indication of what type of issue?


A PCIe 6/8 pin connector for providing auxiliary power to PCIe cards utilizes what voltage?


What Intel socket recommends the use of a liquid cooling system?


What is the most used rail on a power supply?

Fixed disk error

If the startup BIOS can’t find a device to use to load the operating system, what error message is likely to appear?

processor, video card

What are the two highest heat producing components in a system?

the capacitors are discolored; the capacitors have a crusty corrosion at the base of the capacitor

What is a typical sign that a capacitor is bad or has failed?

continuous short beeps; continuous three short beeps and then a pause

Depending on the manufacturer of the BIOS, what two different POST beep code sequences indicate a memory error?

passive CPU cooler; fanless CPU cooler

A cooler with heat pipes, which contains a small amount of liquid that becomes a vapor when heated, allowing heat to be drawn away from the CPU without the use of a fan is known by what two terms?

aluminum, copper

CPU coolers are typically made using what two different types of materials?

Heat sink and fan

What are the two major components of a processor cooler assembly?

4 pins

How many pins does the CPU fan header on a motherboard have?

Adjustable speed control of the fan to lessen the noise in the system

If the power connector from the CPU fan has only three pins, it can still connect to the 4-pin header, but what functionality is lost?

Add up all wattage requirements for all devices that will use the power supply and then add an additional 30 percent

How do you determine the wattage capacity needed by a power supply?

The video card

Which one component in a high-end gaming computer is likely to draw the most power?

Hardware related

When you first turn on a computer and you don’t hear a spinning drive or fan or see indicator lights, is the problem hardware or software related?

The blue screen of death or BSOD

What is a Windows error message called that appears on a blue screen?

One beep or no beeps

How many beeps does startup UEFI/BIOS give to indicate a successful POST?

The power supply and hard drive

Which two components in a system might give out a loud whining noise?

Memory Diagnostics

What Windows utility can you use to test RAM?

Device Manager

Which Windows tool is best to use to verify that hardware components installed in Windows are working properly?

To protect the motherboard against a short

What is the purpose of standoffs installed between the bottom of the case and the motherboard?

Install temperature monitoring software such as SpeedFan

If a system hangs after being used for several hours and you suspect overheating, what can you do to easily monitor the CPU and system temperature?

So they don’t block airflow across the processor or get in the way of fans turning

What are two reasons to tie cables up and out of the way inside a computer case?

The carpet might prevent good air flow

Why should a tower case not sit on thick carpet?

Air flows from front to rear

For most computer cases, does air flow from front to rear or rear to front?

Fanless/passive CPU cooler

Which type of CPU cooler contains heat pipes?

Disable the port in BIOS and install an expansion card to provide the same type port or connector

What can you do if a port on the motherboard is faulty and a device requires this type of port?

Press F8 to load the Advanced Boot Options menu. Then select Disable automatic restarts on system failure.

What can you do to stop a computer from repeatedly restarting in a continuous loop?

Heat coming from the bottom of the phone indicates the battery is overheating. Heat coming from other areas of the phone indicate the phone itself is overheating.

When a cell phone overheats, why is it important to find out whether the heat is coming from the bottom of the phone of from other areas of the phone?

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