Chapter 5 Computer Concepts

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The two major types of system software programs are utility programs and the ________.

operating system

Windows 8 uses a(n) ________ account for easy access and storage of online files.


The latest version of the Mac OS X is ________.


Which of the following is NOT a user interface?

application programming interface (API)

Using hard disk space to temporarily store data or instructions from RAM is referred to as ________.

virtual memory

Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called a(n) ________ that enables the device and operating system to communicate with each other.

device driver

Which of the following is the first step in the boot process?

The BIOS is activated by turning on the computer

The basic input/output system (BIOS) is stored on a ________ chip.


All of the following are terms related to part of the boot process EXCEPT ________.


Errors in computer software are called ________.


C: denotes a ________ directory that is at the top of the filing structure of a computer.


The ________ of the operating system enables users to communicate with the computer system.

user interface

When using Windows 8 File Explorer, which view provides the most information at a glance?


All of the following can be used in an OS X file name EXCEPT ________.


The location of a file is specified by its ________.

file path

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\protocol is an example of a file ________.


Which of the following is the name of a Microsoft Excel file?


Deleted files on a Mac computer are moved to the ________.


Which of the following Windows utility programs arranges pieces of files on your hard drive to allow for faster access?

Disk Defragmenter

Which of the following is NOT a Windows utility program?


Which utility removes redundancies in a file to reduce the file size?

File Compression

You can use the Windows ________ to check on a nonresponsive program.

Task Manager

OS X is the operating system developed by ________.


Mac OS X includes a backup utility called ________.

Time Machine

All of the following are examples of network operating systems EXCEPT ________.


UNIX was developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis Richie, who worked at ________.

AT&T’s Bell Labs

Every computer has an operating system.


Gaming consoles, such as Xbox 360 and iPods, do not need an operating system.


Windows 8 has a new interface that is optimized for touch-screen devices.


A personal computer can only have one operating system installed on it.


Most supercomputers use the ________ operating system.


About 90% of desktop and laptop computers run some version of Windows.


Android is an open source operating system for personal computers and as a network OS.


When your computer runs out of RAM, the operating system borrows space from the CPU.


Installing a device driver can sometimes cause system instability.


CMOS is a special kind of memory that uses a great deal of power.


Preemptive multitasking is the term used when the operating system processes higher-priority tasks before lower-priority tasks.


Windows 7’s File Explorer has been replaced by Windows 8’s Windows Explorer.


You can use System Restore to restore your system’s settings back to a specific date when everything was working properly.


File names in Windows are case-sensitive.


The High Contrast accessibility feature enables you to select a color scheme setting in which you control the contrast between text and background.


Which of the following operating systems are used on most tablets?

Android and iOS

You can return to the Start screen in Windows 8 by pressing the Windows key on the computer keyboard.


Most smartphones use operating systems developed by ________.

Google and Apple

Which operating system is used by most desktop and laptop computers?


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