Chapter 43 The Immune System

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Which of these cells is a phagocytic leukocyte that can engulf a foreign bacterium?


_____ interact with the antigen-class II MHC complex presented by macrophages.

helper T cells

B cells that have been stimulated by interleukin-2 develop into _____.

plasma cells

The role of cytotoxic T cells is the secretion of _____, which plays a role in the _____ immune response.

perforin … cell-mediated

Clonal selection is the division of _____ that have been stimulated by binding to an antigen, which results in the production of cloned _____.

B cells … plasma cells and memory cells

Which of these cells is responsible for the rapidity of the secondary immune response?

memory cells

Which of these cells produce and secrete antibodies?

plasma cells

The genetic material of HIV consists of _____.

SIngle stranded RNA


engulf and destroy microbes. found in the blood flow 24/7


part of the lymphatic system and are found throught the body…spleen


discharge destructive enzymes


stimulate development of aquired immunity

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