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Whenever a net force acts on an object, there is a change in the objects


The direction of the force of friction on a sliding crate is

Opposite to the direction of sliding

The unit of mass is the kilogram and the unit of weight is

The newton

Part A: An object cannot remain at rest unless which of the following holds?

The net force acting on it is zero

Part B: If a block is moving to the left at a constant velocity, what can one conclude?

The net force applied to the block is zero

Part C: A block of mass 2 kg is acted upon by two forces: 3N (directed to the left) and 4N (directed to the right). What can you say about the block’s motion?

It could be moving to the left, moving to the right, or be instantaneously at rest.

Part D: A massive block is being pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a constant horizontal force. The block must be

Moving with continuously increasing acceleration

Part E: Two forces, of magnitude 4N and 10N, are applied to an object. The relative direction of the forces is unknown. The net force acting on an object

Cannot have a magnitude equal to 5 N.

Two objects of the same size, but unequal weights are dropped from a tall tower. Taking air resistance into consideration, the object to hit the ground first will be the

Heavier object

A light woman and a heavy man jump from an airplane at the same time and open their same size parachutes at the same time. Which person will get to a state of zero acceleration first?

The light woman

A 10 kg brick and a 1 kg book are dropped in a vacuum. The force of gravity on the 10 kg brick is

10 times as much

An object is propelled along a straight line path by force. If the net force were doubled, the objects acceleration would be

Twice as much

An object is propelled along a straight line path in space by a force. If the mass of the object somehow becomes twice as much, its acceleration


An object is pulled northward by a force of 10 N and at the same time another force of 15 N pulls it southward. The magnitude of the resultant force on the object is

5 N

The force of friction on a sliding object is 10 N. The applied force needed to maintain a constant velocity is

10 N

A 10 N falling object encounters 4 N of air resistance. The net force on the object is

6 N

An apple at rest weighs 1 N. The net force on the apple when it is in free fall is

1 N

Which has zero acceleration? An object

-In mechanical equilibrium -At rest -Moving at constant velocity

Whenever the net force on an object is zero, its acceleration

Is zero

The mass of a pet turtle that weighs 10 N is

About 1 kg

An object following a straight line path at constant speed

Has zero acceleration

A man weighing 800N stands at rest on two bathroom scales so that has weight is distributed evenly over both scales. The reading on each scale is

400 N

A rock is thrown vertically into the air. At the very top of its path, its acceleration in meters per second per second is


An astronaut on another planet drops a 1 kg rock from rest and finds that it falls a vertical distance of 2.5 meters in one second. On this planet, the rock has a weight of

5 N

If and object of constant mass experiences a constant net force, it will have a constant


The newton is a unit of


A 10 N falling object encounters 10 N of air resistance. The net force on the object is

0 N

Since an object weighs less on the surface of the moon than on Earths surface does it have less inertia on the moons surface?


An objects weight may properly be expressed in units of


When a falling object has reached its terminal velocity, its acceleration is


A kilogram is a measure of an objects


A force is a vector quantity because it has both

Magnitude and direction

Your weight is

The gravitational attraction force between you and the earth

If an objects mass is decreasing while a constant force is applied to the object, the acceleration


A 1 kg mass at the Earths surface weighs

9.8 N

Neglecting friction, a large block of ice and small block of ice start sliding down an incline together. The heavier block will get to the bottom

At the same time as the light block

A push on a 1 kg brick accelerates it. Neglecting friction, to equally accelerate a 10 kg brick, one would have to push with

10 times as much force

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