Chapter 4- All About Motherboards

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Which of the following is the smallest motherboard form factor?


Which of the following is NOT true about Ivy Bridge chipsets compared to earlier products?

use more power

Which of the following represents a method for accessing the BIOS setup program?

press a key during the BIOS POST

What must your motherboard have to use BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7 which will ensure that your hard drive cannot be used in another computer?

TPM chip

Which motherboard slot has direct access to the North Bridge?

primary PCIe slot

What type of bus does PCI Express use?


What type of socket ensures that even force is applied to the processor when it is being installed in the socket?


f you need to reset the BIOS password on a motherboard and the instructions say to make sure jumper J1 is open, what should you do?

open the case and remove the cover from a set of pins marked J1

What is a possible remedy if your system hangs at odd time or during the boot?

Flash the BIOS

What has occurred if you see the message "Chassis Intruded! System has halted." the next time you start your computer?

the case has been opened

Where do today’s computers store almost all motherboard configuration data?


What should you do if you want to be able locate your laptop in the event of loss or theft and give it a command through the Internet to lock it or delete data?

subscribe to LoJack for Laptops

What was the AGP bus designed specifically for?

video cards

What was the 64-bit Front Side Bus replaced with in the X58 (Nehalem) chipset?


Which of the following is a technology that allows for multiple video cards to work together in one system?


When you build a computer from parts, you usually start by deciding on which processor and motherboard you will use.


Sandy Bridge processors house the memory controller and graphics controller.


A FlexATX motherboard is larger than an ATX motherboard.


Motherboards contain only a single bus for I/O, video, and data.


pically, PGA sockets give better contact than LGA sockets.


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