chapter 3 quiz medical terminology

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The term comedo comes from the Latin word meaning:

eat up.

A graft of your own skin to repair a wound on your body is:

an autograft

A thickening and hardening of the skin caused by new collagen formation is called:


Another word for wart is


Choose the best definition for the term allergy.

hypersensitivity to an allergen

Choose the best definition for the term pruritus.


Collagen is best defined as:

a protein that forms connective tissue.

Excretion is:

the process of removing waste products from the body.

For the term antipruritic, choose the prefix, suffix, and root and the correct meaning for each.

prefix anti-, meaning against; suffix -ic, meaning pertaining to; root -prurit, meaning itch

Identify the root, the suffix, and the correct meaning of the term pediculosis.

he root is pedicul- and the suffix is -osis. The term means an infestation with lice.

In the term onychomycosis, the suffix is_______ and the root(s)/combining form is (are)______:

osis; onycho- and myc-.

In the term paronychia, the suffix means:


In which of the following pairs do the terms mean the same thing?

derm- and cutan-

Injections that are given with a short, thin needle that is introduced into the epidermis raising a small, raised wheal are called:


Superficial means:

situated near the surface.

The Latin word meaning to scratch is the origin of the medical term ascribed to which one of the skin conditions?

a skin disease produced by mites

The adjective for pertaining to a parasite is:


The best definition for the term acne is:

inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

The most superficial layer of the skin is the:


The term acne comes from the Greek word meaning:


The term sebum comes from the Latin word meaning:

tallow or wax.

The term that means a malignant and invasive tumor is:


The term papilloma is best defined as:

benign projection of epithelial cells.

The term that means a neoplasm formed from cells that produce melanin is:


The term that means removing tissue from a living person for laboratory examination is:


The term that means spread of disease from one part of the body to another is:


The term transdermal is best defined as:

going across or through the skin.

The term wheal is best defined as:

a small, itchy swelling of the skin.

What is another name for dermatitis?


What is the medical term for the use of liquid nitrogen or argon gas in a probe to freeze and kill abnormal tissue?


What is the term that refers to the connective tissue layer of the skin beneath the epidermis?


Which medical term means a small blister containing fluid?


Which medical term means a small, circumscribed elevation on the skin?


Which medical term means congenital lesion of the skin?


Which of the following best defines the term alopecia?

partial or complete loss of hair

Which of the following best defines the term eschar?

the dead tissue lying on top of third-degree burns

Which of the following is derived from the latin word meaning wolf?


Which of the following is defined as: an area of mucous membrane or skin that has been scraped off?


Which of the following is true regarding scars caused by excessive fibrosis?

he origin of the medical term for this type of scar is a Greek word meaning "stain" They are lumpy, irregular and shiny They are formed during wound healing They are called keloids Correct Answer All of the answers are true

Which of the following terms is derived from a Latin word meaning worm and refers to a group of skin infections caused by fungi?


Which of the following terms means containing fat?


Which prefix, root, and suffix form the term that means within the muscle?

intra- and muscul- and -ar

Which term is derived from a Latin word meaning small sac?


Which term is derived from a Latin word meaning scabby eruption and refers to an infection of the skin producing thick, yellow crusts?


Which two prefixes both mean below?

sub- and hypo-

Why is skin called the "integumentary" system?

the root integument means skin; covering of the body

The combining form in the word etiology is ________ and it means _____________.

eti/o; cause

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