Chapter 3- Psychological Health

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Our early identity models are most likely to be


Statements related to self-esteem

An integrated self-concept is an important component of high self-esteem. It is heavily influenced by early family life. Rejected children may fail to develop feelings of self-worth.

"I won the speech contest, but only because none of the other speakers was very good."

example of negative self-talk

A defense mechanism by which unacceptable inner impulses are attributed to others is


A defense mechanism by which unacceptable feelings are transferred from person to another person is


A person who focuses on the negative and expects failure is called a(n)


Someone who expresses his or her wishes in a forceful but non-hostile manner is


a helpful strategy to use when you feel explosive anger coming on

Try to reframe what you are thinking at the moment.

If you are dealing with another person’s anger, you should NOT

accept the verbal abuse

factors can play a major part in the development of psychological disorders

learning and culture; traumatic events; genetics

An example of a specific phobia is the fear of


social phobia

fear of embarrassment

Fear of public speaking is a

social phobia

Individuals with panic disorder

may function normally in feared situations if someone they trust is with them.

A condition that causes the sufferer to worry excessively and uncontrollably about future threats is called

generalized anxiety disorder

An example of an obsession is

constant worry over contracting syphilis from a handshake

Irrational, repetitive, hard-to-resist actions are called


An example of a compulsion is

constant and repetitive checking that the alarm is set.

most likely to result in formation of a posttraumatic stress disorder


Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder include

re-experiencing the trauma in dreams

characteristic of depression

a grandiose view of oneself

best initial treatment for a person with moderate to severe depression

drug therapy and psychotherapy

An attribute most likely consistent with those suffering from mania

periods of excess energy

Sufferers may undergo periods of compulsive behavior with little regard to consequences

bipolar disorder

Schizophrenia is characterized by

extremely high energy levels

A delusion is

a firmly held, false belief

Schizophrenics can be at risk for…


risk factor that increases the likelihood of suicide

suicide of a family member or friend

The technique of exposure is used to

encourage people to face their fears

A mental health professional who is a licensed physician


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