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"Regulations or new conditions for receiving grants that impose costs on state and local governments for which they are not reimbursed by the national government" is the definition of

unfunded mandates.

Block grants consist of federal aid to state or local governments that is

to be spent within a specified policy area, though without the narrow regulations of categorical grants.

Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) was important because it

gave the national government significant new authority to regulate interstate commerce.

In a federal system, power is distributed

between the state and national governments.

In what way did the federal government attempt to combat state opposition to national policies for a time in the 1960s?

bypassing states altogether by making federal grants directly to local governments

McCulloch v. Maryland is an important case because

in this case, the U.S. Supreme Court interpreted the delegated powers of Congress broadly, creating the potential for increased national powers.

Most of the rules and regulations Americans face in their daily lives are set by

state and local governments.

New Federalism was generally characterized by

granting state and local governments greater control of nationally funded programs.

Specific powers provided to the national government in the U.S. Constitution are called __________ powers.


The commerce clause of Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution affords Congress broad regulatory power over what?

interstate commerce

The implied powers of the necessary and proper clause allow

the national government to interpret its delegated powers expansively.

The power to declare war is an example of which type of power?


The Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Lopez is important because

it was the first time since the New Deal that the Supreme Court limited the power of Congress under the commerce clause.

Under the traditional system of dual federalism, the national government’s primary functional role was

the assistance of the nation’s commerce.

What is the purpose of the Tenth Amendment?

to limit the powers of the central government by establishing reserved powers for states and individuals

What type of situation in American federalism has often resulted in the act of preemption?

A state action is found to be inconsistent with a federal requirement.

Which of the following is an example of a concurrent power?

the power of both the national and state governments to charter banks and corporations

Which of the following statements about the evolution of federalism under the George W. Bush administration is accurate?

The Bush administration oversaw a massive increase in federal authority over public education.

Which of the following would best exemplify a characteristic of a unitary system of government?

The national government selects the textbooks and curriculum for all schools.

Why has the controversy over same-sex marriage been so closely linked to the full faith and credit clause?

It raises the issue of whether one state will recognize legal same-sex unions made in another state.

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